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Located In Beautiful Southern Oregon
Ashland, Oregon 97520
(888) 498-5361



Our dedicated group of digital marketing experts and innovators have decades of combined experience. 


Epic consulting

We emphasize results.


We’ve been in the business of making our clients more money since 2008. 

This means learning all we can about the science of marketing and conversion rate optimization (in other words, getting your customers to buy). 

Our strategies are targeted, proven and results-driven. No throwing darts at a board here. We use time-tested methods for reaching and converting our clients’ best-fit customers.

And we can help you to do the same.

"We had an amazing experience with Epic. They were amazing to work with, definitely know their stuff and made quick work. They totally redesigned our marketing and social media campaigns and we are getting more clients than ever. Highly recommend."

– Patrick Rogers, Owner ‘One Business Coach’



Here’s map of our process, starting at the “awareness” stage of the customer journey, and ending with customers that advocate for – and eventually help promote – your business.

Below is a more detailed look at our process, with a case study example. Here, we map the journey of a parent enrolling a child in a new preschool.

For our consulting clients, we develop a plan to reach and convert the target audience at each phase of the buyer journey, keeping them engaged and moving through a purpose-driven and managed loop.




How long does a consulting project usually last?

It’s up to you.

The length of your consulting project can depend on the scope of what you’re hoping to achieve, as well as your budget and in-house resources.

We offer anywhere from one-time sessions, to ongoing regular check-ins.


What kinds of problems does Epic consulting solve?

With decades of combined experience, our Epic team offers consulting for:

  • Website design
  • UI/UX
  • Digital marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Merchandising
  • And more…

At the end of the day, we help clients answer the BIG question: “How can I sell more online?”


Does Epic provide client references?

You bet.

We’ve included client testimonials throughout our website, as well as links to Google Reviews.

If you’d like to speak one-on-one with an Epic client, we can arrange that, too.

We have lots of current and past partners who are willing (and excited) to share about their experience with Epic.


What about implementation? Can you help with that, too?

Sure thing.

We’ll provide you with our recommendations for moving forward, and if you need help with making it happen, we’re here for you.

For more on what we offer, you can visit our [WEBSITE DESIGN] or [MARKETING SERVICES] pages.



What types of companies do you usually work with?

We live and breathe e-commerce, and so most of our consulting clients are looking to sell more online, whether it’s products or services.

Our list of companies includes retailers, manufacturers, medical professionals, service prodviders, membership clubs, nonprofits and more.



How much does Epic consulting cost?

Every client, challenge and solution is unique.

After our initial meeting, we’ll provide you with potential approaches to your challenge(s). Then it’s up to you whether to enlist our Epic team for a one-time consulting session, or retain our services for ongoing consultation. The cost will vary depending on the time required, and the types of services you wish to use.