Screen showing a loyalty program flowchart and a message for the Platinum Bouquet Club with a 10% discount offer, alongside an image of a floral arrangement

Experience the Best ROI in Online Marketing Through Email with EPIC’s Expertise and Proven Strategies.

Our goal: Your customer’s long-term loyalty & higher revenue through highly personalized and relevant emails. Here are some our examples:

Welcome series, Browse abandonment and Cart abandonment Flows Customer Journey
Placed order, New customer thank you and Review request Flows Customer Journey
Predict next order, Upsell & Cross-sell and VIP:loyalty and Review request Flows Customer Journey
Customer winback, Sunset inactive customers and Birthday Reminder Flows Customer Journey

Pricing: Setup and Monthly Management

Email marketing and automation are powerful re-marketing tools for connecting with your customers and generating long-term revenue. Epic’s approach to email marketing is holistic, tailored, and adaptable. We’ll work with you to develop loyalty-based strategies designed to drive long-term conversions and accelerate brand growth. 

One Time Set Up Cost: $1,500

The set up cost consists of working with your company setting up all the automation flows, here are the main flows: Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandoned, Welcome Series, Post-Purchase, Back in Stock, Lifecycle (Win Back, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.), eCommerce-Specific (price drop, products, etc.), and more!

Monthly Plans:

Support the entire customer journey

Pre-built and customizable flows make it easy to automate timely responses to key subscriber actions.

Flows - Customer Journey

Here are a few examples of popular flows that help brands drive more revenue:

Thanks for signing up - Flow

Welcome series

Greet new subscribers and introduce your brand with messages that make a great first impression.

Abandoned cart reminder

Drive more revenue by reminding subscribers about products they didn’t finish purchasing.

You forgot something - Flow
Don't keep it to your self - Flow

Post-purchase follow-up

Ask customers to review your products once they’ve received them.

Browse abandonment

Remind subscribers about specific products that caught their attention while browsing.

Cocoa&Craft - Flow

Price drop reminder

Reach out to subscribers when they can get a deal on products they’ve browsed.

Back in stock reminder

Let subscribers know when a product they’re interested in is back in stock.

You forgot something - Flow

Intelligent automation meets easy customization

Epic can create custom flows that trigger timely experiences in response to a subscriber action, event, or milestone of your choice. Then, we can build branching conditions (“split logic”) for more relevant customer journeys.

Behaviors that trigger flows

  • Viewed a product
  • Started checkout
  • Placed an order
  • Filled out a form
  • Price drop
  • Dates (anniversary, birthdays)
  • Predicted next order
  • No engagement after a while
  • Signed up to SMS

Split content by

  • Cart value
  • VIP vs. non-VIP
  • New vs. returning customer
  • Location
  • Visited site within the last 3 days vs. not
  • Viewed product vs. didn’t view product
  • Product type
  • High LTV vs. low LTV
  • Random sampling (for A/B testing)

Check out a few of our,

success stories below
Nancy's Floral Birthday & Anniversary Follow-Ups Diagram
Nancy's Floral

“I love epicBloom, it has been a proven winner and keeps our brand top-of-mind with our customers.”

– Rob Cook, Nancy’s Floral

Simi Flowers & Gifts Abandoned Cart 1 Hour Diagram
Simi Valley Flowers

“I have been completely satisfied, not only with my results, but with Epic’s customer service, knowledge, and professionalism.”

– Albert Mendez, Simi Valley Flowers

Field of Flowers Loyalty VIP Code Diagram
Field of Flowers

“We’re very pleased with EPIC. they are a progressive looking forward company, yet we feel we can talk to the support team even Brandon as needed. The combination of BigCommerce and the addon enhancements has allowed us to be very flexible in our offerings to our customers. We have learned to maximize web orders through the help of the EPIC team.”

– Abner Maldonando, Field of Flowers

Albuquerque Florist Abandoned Cart Campaigns Diagram
Albuquerque Florist

“The team at epicBloom are outstanding! They have created an amazing tool that get actual results online.”

– Brennen Rigler, Albuquerque Florist

EpicBloom VS The Average Retail Email Campaign Rate Diagram
EpicBloom VS The Average Retail

EpicBloom VS The Average Retail Email Campaign Rate

Vogue Flowers Inactive Campaigns Diagram
Vogue Flowers

“epicBloom is a no brainer addition to your marketing programs. You can choose the products you want to feature. On the days the emails go out I can see the orders increase. It’s that easy.”

– Ellen Papoulakos, Vogue Flowers

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