10+ Years

of Digital Innovation

From our floral beginnings to a partnership with one of the top ranked e-commerce platforms, Epic’s story is one of community, creative solutions, and tireless innovation. We’ve worked with some of our partners for over a decade, because we believe in building relationships that last. We thrive on excellent communication and mutual successes. Our clients’ wins are our wins, which is why we’re here celebrating, consulting, and growing year after year.

It all started with a flower shop…


Epic’s founder, Brandon Kirkland, took his first and only HTML class in the library of College of the Siskiyous, California. This was at the beginning of the “World Wide Web” when the internet was seen as an extension of libraries, with endless resources. During this time, Brandon met his now-wife, Leslie, who wanted to open a flower shop one day. Like any nerd trying to impress his girlfriend, Brandon built her a florist website. It was the start of two big things…Epic and Brandon’s marriage to Leslie.

Leslie became a florist out of their shared college apartment, and Brandon helped as they both finished their degrees at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon. In 2001, they opened their first retail florist shop, Enchanted Florist, while Brandon worked as a night school instructor for a local high school.



Epic first launched as epicFlowers, when Brandon started creating websites for others in the floral industry. Brandon and his wife continued owning and operating Enchanted Florist, while Brandon began to help other florists grow their online retail presence, too.

Brandon started Real Time Flowers Inc., named after his innovative webcam solution that showed florists working on flower designs across the US in real time. Around the same time, BigCommerce launched their “Software As A Service” model, making a superior web product affordable and accessible for e-commerce businesses. A friendship was formed!



With an eye for e-commerce and growing finesse in the science of “conversion rate optimization,” epicFlowers designed and developed an average of 12 websites per year during this time, with rave reviews and business growth spurred by client satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals.

epicFlowers made the transition to epicShops, expanding services to non-florist clients in e-commerce business. Expanding industries also meant offering more services, and episShops hired a team of experts in social media management, email marketing, search engine optimization and more.



epicShops launched its first self-developed themes and web apps for BigCommerce. Epic, as it’s now called, works with over 70+ businesses on a monthly basis offering website support, digital marketing services and consulting. And is still steadily growing…

in the future…

Team Picture

Epic has always had big visions. That much hasn’t changed.

With the positive reception we’ve received from our custom themes and apps, we’re focusing our sights on developing even more for BigCommerce and beyond. We’re also constantly adopting new online marketing strategies for our clients as emerging technologies allow us to pivot and grow. The future of e-commerce is segmentation, customization and automation — and knowing this drives us to offer innovative, one-of-a-kind digital solutions for businesses around the globe.

One of our favorite mottos is:
“If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.” – Tommy Boy

We always strive to be on the cutting edge, and never rest on our laurels. If there is a better way to serve e-commerce businesses, we will find it.

We aim to be the #1 digital agency for small to medium sized e-commerce companies. Every day, we take steps toward that goal.

One of the first images created for clients at epicFlowers:

















Epic has a lot of plans and goals right now. 

We’re focusing on our BigCommerce themes and apps, and constantly developing new online marketing strategies for our clients.

One of our favorite mottos is, “If you’re not moving forward, you moving backwards” – Tommy Boy

We strive to always be on the cutting edge, and never rest on our laurels. If there is a better way to serve our clients, we will find it.

Our business goal is to become the best digital agency in Oregon for small to medium sized companies. We, as a team, believe in that goal, and take steps everyday to accomplish it. 

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