If you love helping businesses make more money online and you have a passion for web design, eCommerce and/or online Marketing, then Epic is for you!


13 years in business, 150+ websites fully built/launched, 60+ managed websites a month, and 25+ monthly online marketing clients.

We know eCommerce, web design, and online marketing.


A start-up environment: innovation, adaptability, autonomy, flexible process, and a real involvement in decision making. 

We work hard and we play hard.


We have one goal at Epic and that’s helping our clients make more money online.

If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards. 


There are no job postings currently opened, but feel free to fill out the form below and send us your resume.



Our Hiring Process

Our priority

Through each step of our recruitment process, our priority is to create a fulfilling and enriching candidate experience. We do our best to be responsive, to shorten the process, and to give you a clear vision of our company.

Common Values

We look for candidates with strong backgrounds. They have the potential to grow with us and contribute to our expansion. Fitting in with our corporate culture and values is essential for us, as well as your understanding of our clients’ needs, regardless of your position.

Your Skills

Our interviews assess your team working abilities, your capacity to carry out projects and deliver them under tight deadlines. We evaluate your flexibility and your ability to get out of your comfort zone. These skills are essential to our people and forge the identity at Epic.

1. Application

You can apply online on our careers page. We will give you an answer within two weeks.

2. Phone Screen

If you are selected you will be invited for a phone screening. We’ll give you an answer with 48 hours.

3. Interviews

After a successful phone screening, you will be interview with 3 to 5 employees who may have different roles with the company.

4. Evaluation

A final and collective decision is made. A complete validation by different members of our teams is essential in our process. We will give you our feedback within 48 hours after the debrief.

5. Welcome!

Once you have accepted our offer, we will keep in touch with you on a regular basis to ensure you have a great on-boarding experience!

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