The epicToolbox is a BigCommerce App and nice set of eCommerce tools that makes sure you have better conversion rate, a higher customer retention rate, as well as local delivery and pick up features.


Reward your customers with money back.

Retain your best customers with a customizable rewards program, and send monthly credit reminder emails to keep them coming back for more.

Pop Cards

Your message anytime and anywhere

Put your important messages in front of your visitors eyes. Choose where, when, what message they see, and even assign a Pop Card to keep customers looking when they try to leave your site.

Merchandise Pro

More control over your products

Easily arrange your products to put your top sellers where they belong – at the top! Also, quickly adjust individual item prices, or use bulk pricing to change an entire category.


Control local deliveries like never before

Choose your available delivery dates and times, and mark unavailable holidays and custom dates. Offer in-store pick up as an option, too.

The epicToolbox Terms and Conditions can be found [HERE]

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