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goLoyalty Video Tutorials

goLoyalty Tutorial

goLoyalty Tutorial

What is goLoyalty?

goLoyalty is a rewards program that encourages your customers to return to your shop by giving a percentage of purchases back as store credit.

How will my customers know about this program?

You can set up a Pop Card on your front page to inform your website visitors of your rewards program. goLoyalty also sends automated monthly emails to all registered users with the credit balance on their account, reminding them to come back and shop.

How much credit can I offer?

You can set whatever percentage you like. Most clients offer 5-10% back.

Do I have to keep track of my customers’ rewards?

goLoyalty automatically adds store credit to registered users’ accounts, so you don’t have to keep track of anything! Your customers must login to view or use their credit, and they’ll also receive automated monthly reminder emails with their store balance.

goLoyalty UI
goLoyalty is designed to seamlessly boost your online business.

goLoyalty Features

1. Reward online shoppers with store credit for every dollar spent

Edit your preferred amount of store credit to reward your customers

Easily enable or disable your Rewards by clicking on the toggle button

2. Gain full control over the triggers on when to give out rewards

Select more than one trigger to suit your preference.

3. Display a pop-up message or a text snippet on the website to remind customers to sign up and receive rewards

The Pop-Up message has a learn more button to guide customers on how to get awesome rewards!

Display a Text Snippet on your website for additional reminders to your customers.

4. Customize the content of the pop-up message or text snippet

Have the option to completely edit your pop-up title, body, FAQs and the rewards text.

Also, upload your logo to customize it with your brand.

You’ll also have the ability to edit the message when customers are logged in

Create different content for your Text Snippet messages to customers who are logged in and not logged in.

An icon is provided in the snippet to help grab customers’ attention to the reward message.

5. Select the desired web page location where you want the sign-up message reminder to appear

You can choose to display the pop-up message on either or all of the following pages: Homepage, Product Page, and Checkout Page.

And have the ability to select its placement on the page.

You can turn off the messages separately by clicking the toggle button.

For the Text Snippet, you can also display the message on either, or both the Product and Checkout pages.

6. Send Store Credit Emails after each order to remind customers of their new reward credit balance

Theses emails will only be sent when a customer has store credit.

Update the email header background color to make sure your logo is always visible in the email.

Remind your customers of their store credit by sending Monthly Emails

1. Have full control on your email’s subject line and message

2. Set frequency of sending the email to Once A Month or Never

After each order, let customers know they got credit by sending Order Confirmation Email

1. Have full control on your email’s subject line and message

2. Set frequency of sending the email to 24hrs, After Each Order or Never

Preview or send yourself a test email to double-check

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