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eLocal date_range

Control local deliveries and pickup like never before

Frequently Asked Questions


What is eLocal?

eLocal allows you to control your delivery rules for local shipping areas. You can set cutoff times for same-day delivery, customize cut-off times by zip code, and create special delivery rules for holidays.

What does “pickup in store” do?

This feature allows you to input your store address, and integrate with Bigcommerce’s shipping zones to charge $0 on orders picked up from your store.

Can I set a custom shipping rule with different delivery cutoff times, based on proximity to my store?

Yes! Custom zones can be set to require different zip codes to have an earlier cutoff time. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accommodate later cutoff times.

What if my special holiday isn't available for custom rules?

You can create a custom day that works just like a holiday. Just enter your date (like maybe the day you close early for your company holiday party), and choose your delivery cut-off time.

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Pop Cards announcement

Your message anytime and anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are Pop Cards?
Pop Cards are message boxes that pop up anywhere you choose on your website. These boxes can include text, images, call-to-action buttons, or a combination of all three. You can also create a “Fab Button,” which is a round icon that visitors can click to learn more information or contact your store.
Can I choose which page to display my Pop Card?
Yes, you can choose to show you Pop Card on your site’s Homepage, all pages, Checkout page, or any number of custom pages. Simply add the URL(s) of the page(s) you wish to display your Pop Card when creating a new one.
Will my Pop Card show up everytime someone visits my site?
You can choose how often you’d like your Pop Card to be displayed. For example, every visit, once per visitor per hour, once per visitor per day, etc.
What is an “Urgency Pop Card,” and how do I create one?
An Urgency Pop Card is one that features a countdown timer, to create a sense of urgency for customers to place their order. For example: “Order in the next 2 hours for same day delivery!” To create an urgency bar, you must also use the eLocal app to define delivery cut-off times. Then, you can simply add an “X” into the text of you Pop Card, and toggle the Automate feature to “On.” Select “Urgency” from the options below. Your Pop Card will automatically let your visitors know how much time is left in the day before the delivery cut-off.
Can I collect emails for a newsletter sign up with a Pop Card?
Currently, no. However, you can include a button that links to a newsletter sign-in page. Some other ways you can use Pop Cards: Show coupon codes for sales, direct visitors to seasonal specials/pages, display special store hours, create urgency with a countdown timer, catch visitors’ attention as they move to leave your site.

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Upsell Magic add_shopping_cart

Increase targeted upsell offerings

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Upsell Magic?
Upsell Magic is a tool that allows you to control which add-on products to display at checkout, based on customer order info. Like the gum and magazines by a supermarket checkout, you can offer additional items as people add products to their cart. These products are then displayed after a qualifying item is added to the cart, in the same popup modal.
Why is this cooler than just making upsell products available like every other item?
You can customize which customers see what items, based on zip code, date, cart value, or other parameters. You wouldn’t try to sell a $2 match book to someone buying an $80 BBQ grill, because maybe they would buy a $10 lighter instead. Someone buying $8 of charcoal briquettes probably won’t buy a $10 lighter.
How do I set it up?
First, create a specific product listing in BigCommerce for each upsell you’d like to include. This should include all the normal components of a product, including picture, price, etc. In the Upsell Magic tool, select the orange “Add new +” button, follow the prompts and fill out all the fields, and you’re ready to roll.

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Loyalty+ loyalty

Reward your customers with money back.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Loyalty+?
Loyalty+ is a rewards program that encourages your customers to return to your shop by giving a percentage of purchases back as store credit.
How much credit can I offer?
You can set whatever percentage you like. Most clients offer 5-10% back.
Do I have to keep track of my customers’ rewards?
Loyalty+ automatically adds store credit to registered users’ accounts, so you don’t have to keep track of anything! Your customers must login to view or use their credit, and they’ll also receive automated monthly reminder emails with their store balance.
How will my customers know about this program?
You can set up a pop card on your front page to inform your website visitors of your rewards program. Loyalty+ also sends automated monthly emails to all registered users with the credit balance on their account, reminding them to come back and shop.

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Product Pro swap_vertical_circle

More control over your products.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Product Pro?
Product Pro is a tool within the epicToolbox that allows you to merchandise your products within a category and put your best sellers front-and-center. During sales and holidays, you can also move special items to the top for added visibility. Product Pro also contains a Bulk Edit feature that makes increasing or decreasing prices throughout an entire category a cinch.
How do I use the Card Messages Feature?
You must first add an option for Card Messages to your products in the Bigcommerce dashboard. Then, your Card Messages from Product Pro will appear below the field on your product page. Users simply click Card Messages, choose the one they’d like to include with their gift, and the field will autofill with their selection.
Can I increase and decrease the prices of products in my store categories with the Bulk Edit feature?
Yes, you can increase or decrease by either dollar amount or percentage. This feature comes in handy around holidays or during sales, when you’d like to change the prices of all items in a category.
Why would I want to move around items on my category pages?
With Product Pro, you can place your best sellers at the top, where visitors are more likely to see them. You can also push newer arrivals toward the top, so they’re not buried by items that have been in your store for longer. Combined with insights you can gain from your Store Analytics, this tool can be extremely powerful for increasing your sales by placing your top sellers in front of your customers’ eyes.

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Smart Widgets dashboard

Control your banners on schedule, via drag and drop.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are Smart Widgets?

Smart Widgets is a tool that lets you easily drop in your homepage banners for all four of the Nova mega banner layouts. In future updates, Smart Widgets will also let you drop in content blocks throughout your site – not just on the homepage.

How do I use the Smart Widgets scheduling feature?

Rather than racing to switch your homepage banners for holidays or promotions, you can schedule out banners for the entire year with Smart Widgets. Simply click on the banner position you wish to swap, add your image and link, and then set your start and end date. Smart Widgets will make the switch automatically for you.

Do I need to use the exact image sizes shown on the layout defaults (ex: 740 x 500)?

Yes, if you want your homepage banners to be lined up properly. Smart Widgets will not resize or stretch your images to fit, so they need to be the proper dimensions in order to display correctly.

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eMenu menu

Category merchandising in drop-down menus

Frequently Asked Questions


What is eMenu?

eMenu is a tool for managing the mega menu drop down on your website. This mega menu includes clickable images of products you choose to highlight in each drop down category, as well as Special Occasions like holidays, store sales and events.

How do I add featured products to my menu dropdown?
First, toggle your eMenu to On. Click Category Featured Products in the left side menu. Next click the Add New + button. Name this group of featured products (i.e. “Spring Birthday Products”) and then type in the category name below. Once you begin typing, this field will auto-fill with you store’s category names. Then, click Displayed Product and begin typing the names of the products you’d like to feature in your drop down. Note, only products in the category you chose will show up in the auto-fill. Once you’ve chosen three, click Save & Exit for your changes to go live on your store.
Why am I getting an “Unavailable Image” icon on my site’s drop-down menu?
If you have chosen to feature an item in your mega menu that has since been deleted or hidden from your store, the eMenu will place a default image in it’s place. To fix this, simply go into eMenu, click the category you wish to edit, and replace the missing item with a current, visible item from your store.
Can I link Special Occasions to pages on my store?
You bet! You can link both internally and externally, so you can direct someone to a page on your site, or to a Facebook Event page, for example.
Can I edit Special Occasions once I’ve added them?
Yep, just click the orange pencil icon to the left of your occasion, and a pop-up will appear allowing you to edit the details of your special occasion. You can also delete occasions by clicking the orange “-” icon.

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epicBloom email

Smart marketing emails your customers actually want to read

Frequently Asked Questions


What is epicBloom?

epicBloom is a email re-marketing platform that allows you to send automated email messages to segmented customer groups. Basically, it’s awesome! Rather than sending blanket emails to your entire list (which you can still do with Bloom if you choose), you can send personalized, targeted emails to specific customer groups.

How do I choose my marketing segments?

You can either set up predefined segments unde the Segments tab to use over and over again, or create a new segment for each email campaign in the Set-Up screen. You can add multiple parameters to narrow down your customer group as much as you want (for example: to reach inactive customers who used to make regular, large purchases from a specific location, you can specify:

  • Customer last order was more than 120 days ago AND
  • Average order value is > $100 AND
  • Total number of customer orders is > 5 AND
  • Customer state is: California
Can I import my current mailing list?

Yes, but the power of epicBloom is the segmentation ability that comes from pulling addresses from those who have made purchases from your online store. If you manually add addresses from a mailing list, the only time you can reach them with epicBloom is through a blanket newsletter, because the platform won’t know their purchase behavior yet. Once they have made their first purchase, however, their information will be pulled into the system and you can start marketing to them dynamically.

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Coming soon, Snap Shot, a Rad Photo Gallery Tool.

The epicToolbox Terms and Conditions can be found [HERE]

I really got to thank you and Brandon. You did an EXCELLENT job! Along with the videos - that really helps.
Texas Cyclesport
Texas Cyclesport
16:26 28 Jul 17
If I could I would give EpicShops more than 5 Stars. They have great customer service and do all they can to help put our business needs first while delivering a top notch product.
Matt Rathbone
Matt Rathbone
18:58 26 Jul 17
Can't recommend this company enough, Brandon especially. Great service and very knowledgeable!
Lee Watkinson
Lee Watkinson
08:34 06 Oct 17
I've been very happy with my Web site from Epic. The customer service is excellent also and they are always thinking of new ways to improve my experience. I don't hesitate to recommend Epic if you are a florist looking for a great website.
Helen Halloran
Helen Halloran
00:08 26 May 17
epicShops has helped me grow my online business 48% over the last year. They are sincerely dedicated to my success.
Terri Rb
Terri Rb
21:22 30 May 17
Awesome websites and customer service, I have 2 websites with them and they both do exceptionally well!
brian joseph
brian joseph
18:53 08 Nov 17
AWESOME!!! Can't say enough about the experience with Epic. Customer service is KING with this team. They are very responsive and get you results right away. They can help you top to bottom with all your web, social and ecommerce needs.
Scott Wam
Scott Wam
18:52 09 Nov 17
Simply, Brandon and his team at Epic provide the finest service in existence for floral websites. Their expertise, creativity, and knowledge of what attracts customers and converts sales is second to none. If you run a florist, don't use a lame wire service cookie-cutter site! Brandon will make you more money!! I've used Epic for several years now and wouldn't consider any other option.
Joshua Aaron
Joshua Aaron
23:59 05 Dec 17
I’m very impressed with this company. They truly care about helping people with their website needs. Great advise and support. Delightful to work with. I highly recommend having a consultation. You won’t be disappointed.
Suzanne L. Anderson
Suzanne L. Anderson
06:28 19 Jan 18
Brandon, at Epic Flowers, is awesome to work with! His creativity and expertise in manipulating the world of technology took my ideas to the next level. Receiving my initial inspiration, then adding his own creative fertilizer, allowing it to Blossom on the pages.Todd Bjornson ~ Sedona AZ"In The Flow" therapeutic massageZorba's & Zuli's Chocolates
Todd Bjornson
Todd Bjornson
18:32 19 Feb 18
Brandon has done a very good job with our website. Orders are up and it is easy to use and for us to navigate. They respond quickly to any questions you may have. I highly recommend them!
Kristin Eaton
Kristin Eaton
18:59 06 Sep 18
Epic Websites are awesome! Brandon and his team are great to work with..
Barbara Wilson
Barbara Wilson
16:26 15 Sep 18
epicShops has helped us take our website to the next level. They have taken the time to help us solve some very unique situations that others simply could not. Their communication and creativity make them the best out there. We will continue to use them for all of our web development needs. Thanks guys!
Fiddler's Green Golf Center
Fiddler's Green Golf Center
17:34 20 Sep 18
HI Rachel! First of all, as we all get busy and don’t always take the time to say THANKS, we wanted to tell you that we are very pleased with the work you are doing and we are noticing that we are getting more traffic! Just yesterday, we added two new customers who came through our website! This week we had 6 calls from prospective customers that found us via Google and currently in discussions with the other 4 companies to quote their business! Last week we gained another large account so everything is working! We are so happy we chose you guys as a partner and excited to see where the future takes us!Sincerely, Jason and Carolyn Anderson- Anderson Pallet and Crate, Sedalia, CO
Carolyn Anderson
Carolyn Anderson
19:51 19 Oct 18
I chose Epic for their experience in the Floral industry. I wanted a custom site that continued our existing look but brought in the many backend features of Big Commerce. The four month process ended up taking eight but I spent a lot of time testing and getting any issues resolved before we went live. Epic worked closely with me and communicated well on fixes and time frames for everything. Only been two weeks but we have experience a significant increase in average order and Brandon has worked closely with MAS to integrate our site seamlessly. Orders come in quicker, enabling us spend less time cleaning up incoming orders.My experience was coming from Yahoo Store hosting to Big Commerce. I highly recommend you give Epic a shot but ultimately, be prepared to spend time testing your site before you go live. This extra four months allowed us to go live with very minor issues.Greg
Greg Turner
Greg Turner
14:27 15 Mar 19
Brandon and his team have been fantastic to work with. We were looking for a website for our floral company that could take us to the next level, and Epic has. The increased functionality, user friendly experience, and data tracking that an Epic website offers is incredible. Thanks again to Brandon and his team for a job well done!
Jason Gidas
Jason Gidas
14:13 16 Mar 19
Fantastic webdesign! They really work hard to learn your business and are super-fast at responding to email and phone calls. I HIGHLY recommend this team.
17:09 18 Mar 19

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