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Local Expertise, Global Reach: The Power of BigCommerce Digital Marketing in Southern Oregon

A BigCommerce digital marketing concept shown by a hand holding a smartphone

Written by Noreen

April 30, 2024

While a digital presence is essential, attracting the right customers requires focused strategies. Simply having a digital presence isn’t enough. To truly thrive, e-commerce businesses need to leverage the power of BigCommerce digital marketing. 

This suite of tools and functionalities goes beyond building a website and empowers you to identify your ideal customer, craft targeted campaigns, and ultimately drive significant sales growth. 

This blog post will examine all essential key aspects of BigCommerce digital marketing to show you how to unlock the platform’s full potential and reach the perfect audience for your online store.

Know Your Audience

Effective BigCommerce digital marketing campaigns hinge on one crucial element: understanding your audience. Like navigating a maze, you need a clear picture of your ideal customer to reach them effectively. 

Customer insights gleaned from audience research become the foundation for crafting targeted messages and strategies that resonate with your target market. This translates into higher engagement, increased sales conversions, and a thriving online store.

Here’s a quick peek at the different types of customer data that can be invaluable in your research:

  • Demographics: Age, location, income level, gender, etc. This helps you understand who your ideal customer is on a basic level.
  • Interests: Hobbies, passions, preferred brands, etc. This provides insights into what motivates and influences your target audience.
  • Behavior: Browsing history, purchase patterns, website interactions, etc. This data reveals how your audience behaves online and helps you anticipate their needs.

BigCommerce Digital Marketing Tools for Audience Insights

The good news is that BigCommerce offers a wealth of tools and integrations to help you gather valuable customer data.

These tools go beyond basic analytics, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your audience:

BigCommerce customer data analytics

This built-in suite provides insights into customer demographics, behavior, and purchase history.

Integration tools

  • Utilize user-generated content (UGC): Integrate with platforms that automatically transform positive customer reviews into targeted social media ads. This powerful strategy leverages social proof to increase click-through rates and reduce acquisition costs.
  • Personalize retargeting campaigns: Seamlessly integrate with retargeting platforms to create dynamic product ads based on a visitor’s browsing history. This ensures that website visitors who haven’t converted yet see relevant ads featuring the products they looked at, keeping your brand top-of-mind and driving conversions.
  • Social media listening tools: Additionally, social media listening tools can be a valuable asset. By monitoring online conversations, you can gain insights into customer sentiment, identify common phrases they use, and understand their overall perception of your brand and industry. 

This allows you to tailor your messaging to resonate with their language and address their specific concerns.

Content Marketing Strategies for Audience Engagement

Having a clear understanding of your target audience is only half the battle. Now it’s time to craft compelling content that resonates with them as part of your BigCommerce digital marketing strategy.

Speak their language, not yours

The tone and terminology you use in your marketing messages significantly impact how your audience perceives your brand. Think of a teenager talking to their grandparents – they wouldn’t use the same language they use with their peers, right? The same principle applies to your content.

By analyzing customer data and social media conversations, you can identify the language your target audience uses every day. This could be specific industry jargon, informal slang, or even humorous expressions. Incorporate these terms authentically into your content to build a connection and establish trust with your customers.

Here’s an example: A company selling athletic wear might discover their target audience frequently uses terms like “gains” or “lift strong.” Weaving these phrases into marketing messages and blog posts can instantly grab their attention and make the brand feel relatable.

Content tailored for the buyer’s journey

Customers don’t always jump straight to purchase. They embark on a journey of awareness, consideration, and decision before making a buying decision.

  • Awareness stage: At this point, customers are recognizing a need or problem. Informative blog posts, industry news, and social media content that address these concerns can capture their attention and establish your brand as a thought leader.
  • Consideration stage: Now, customers are actively researching potential solutions. Product descriptions, detailed reviews, and helpful comparison guides can provide valuable information as they weigh different options. Luckily, BigCommerce features like SEO-optimized product pages and customer review sections can be leveraged to shine during this stage.
  • Decision stage: Customers are ready to buy and are comparing specific products. Clear product descriptions, high-quality images, and well-structured category pages on your BigCommerce store become crucial for guiding them toward a purchase decision.

Reaching Your Audience Through Paid Advertising

Having a captivated audience is fantastic, but sometimes you need to proactively reach those who haven’t yet discovered your brand. Your BigCommerce digital marketing strategy should also leverage paid advertising for targeted outreach and significant sales growth.

Retargeting: Bringing back those who wandered

Ever browsed an online store and then gotten bombarded with ads for the products you looked at? That’s retargeting in action. It allows you to reconnect with website visitors who haven’t converted yet, reminding them of your offerings and enticing them to complete their purchases.

For e-commerce businesses, retargeting is a powerful tool to recover lost sales and re-engage potential customers who might be on the fence. BigCommerce offers seamless integration with retargeting tools to let you create dynamic product ads based on a visitor’s browsing history. 

If someone is browsing a specific type of shoe on your store – retargeting lets you display targeted ads featuring those exact shoes across various websites they visit, keeping your brand top-of-mind and driving conversions.

Expanding your reach: Paid search and display advertising

Paid search and display advertising allow you to reach a wider audience beyond those who have already interacted with your store.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): With SEM, you can bid on relevant keywords that potential customers might use when searching for products like yours. When someone searches for those keywords, your ad appears at the top of search engine results pages, increasing brand visibility and driving targeted traffic to your BigCommerce store.
  • Display advertising: This approach involves placing visual ads like banners or videos on high-traffic websites relevant to your target audience. By strategically targeting demographics and interests, you can reach potential customers who may not be actively searching but are receptive to discovering new products.

The key to success with both SEM and display advertising lies in targeting the right audience. BigCommerce integrates with various advertising platforms, allowing you to define specific demographics, interests, and online behavior to ensure your ads reach the most relevant customers. 

The targeted approach maximizes your advertising budget and increases the likelihood of attracting qualified leads who are genuinely interested in your products.

The Power of Audience-Centric Marketing with BigCommerce

Throughout this blog post, we’ve emphasized the critical role of understanding your audience in crafting successful BigCommerce digital marketing campaigns. By leveraging customer data, crafting targeted content, and utilizing strategic paid advertising, you can reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Here’s a quick recap of the benefits BigCommerce offers for audience-centric e-commerce marketing:

  • Audience insights: Gain a deep understanding of your ideal customer through built-in analytics and seamless integrations for social media listening and retargeting.
  • Content marketing powerhouse: Craft compelling content that resonates with your audience using SEO-optimized product pages, customer review sections, and a user-friendly platform for blog creation.
  • Targeted advertising: Reach a wider audience and maximize your advertising budget with BigCommerce’s integrations for search engine marketing, display advertising, and retargeting campaigns.

Ready to unlock the full potential of BigCommerce and achieve explosive growth through targeted digital marketing?

Are You Ready to Attract Your Dream Customers and Ignite Explosive E-commerce Growth?

We’re Epic, a full-suite digital marketing agency, and BigCommerce is our specialty. Contact us for a FREE digital marketing consultation and learn how we can help you reach the perfect audience for your BigCommerce store!

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