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New! Epic Monthly Webinar Series

Written by epicshops

July 18, 2018

We're excited to announce our new webinar series at Epic!

Each month, we’ll dive into a topic that helps you better understand your online store. Whether it’s adding Pop Card messages, choosing your product add-ons, or developing your customer rewards program, we’ll show you all the functionality and how-tos of the new epicToolbox and your BigCommerce website.

We’ve been listening to our partners’ requests for more information over the last year since launching our new BigCommerce framework, Nova. This theme-builder is one of the most dynamic BigCommerce has ever seen, with over 1000+ ways to customize the layout of your store. With all the added functionality comes a lot more questions – and that’s a good thing! We want you to feel comfortable navigating all the features of your website and making the changes that are going to make you the most money.

Upcoming epicWebinar Topics


Our first epicWebinar is next week 

Using eLocal & Shipping Zones

July 24th at 11am PT (2pm ET)


Our eLocal app in the epicToolbox allows website owners to choose blocked delivery dates, order cut-offs, and pick-up-in-store options. A new feature added due to popular request: cut-off times by zip codes. In other words, once a customer enters their delivery zip code on the order page, eLocal lets them know if they can indeed place the order today, or if tomorrow is the first available day. This app is an awesome tool for any local delivery business selling goods online, including flower shops, balloon and party suppliers, bakeries, restaurants and more!

Shipping Zones in BigCommerce allows store owners to assign shipping prices based on delivery location. In the webinar, we’ll show you how to add multiple shipping zones and assign either Flat Rate or Dynamic shipping. If you’ve ever wondered how to navigate this page and make changes throughout the year (like holidays!), this is a great time to get a walk-through tutorial. 

Other Upcoming epicWebinar Topics


Creating Pop Cards and Customizing Order Confirmation Emails 

Swapping Homepage Banners and Color/Font Changes 

The Mega Menu: Featured Products + Upcoming Events 

Loyalty+: Creating Your Customer Rewards Program 

Merchandising with Product Pro and Upsell Magic 


How you can prepare for an epicWebinar

  • Follow the link in our reminder emails using your Chrome browser. We host these webinars on Google Hangouts, and Chrome is necessary for accessing our video conference room.
  • Set aside one hour. We’ll do our best to answer everyone’s questions at the end, but we’re going to make sure we keep these webinars so you can get back to your busy day!
  • Bring your questions! We’ll allow time for questions at the end of each webinar session, giving you the opportunity to get your questions answered.
  • Invite others in your organization – the more the merrier. Send your managers, marketing team…anyone who plays a role in updating your website’s look, feel and functionality. Simply forward on the email you received from Epic with the webinar access link.
  • Pull up your website and epicToolbox at the same time so you can follow along and make changes as we go.

Didn’t receive an email invite form us? Contact us and let us know you’d like to be on the list! We’ll send you the information and access link for any webinar you’d like to join.


Join us!

We’re excited to give our client partners a new venue for learning the ins and outs of their e-commerce website and the epicToolbox. The more you know about navigating your website’s features, the more you can utilize them to make the best customizations that are unique to your business – no one knows your business like you! 

If you have any questions before a webinar, feel free to email us and ask away. We look forward to seeing you online!

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