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Celebrating Partnership With A Leader Of The Industry: 10 Years With BigCommerce

Written by epicshops

July 29, 2019

Celebrating Partnership With A Leader Of The Industry:
10 Years With BigCommerce

2019 is a great year for epicShops. Not only are we celebrating our ten year anniversary as a company, we are also celebrating a ten year partnership with the leading platforms for eCommerce, BigCommerce. In fact, epicShops is honored to be among the few businesses who partnered with BigCommerce even before it was BigCommerce! We partnered with Interspire a year before they launched their new branding in 2009, and even emailed back and forth with Mitch and Eddy, the founders and co-owners of Interspire/BigCommerce, directly! It has been our pleasure to be a part of BigCommerce’s vision to innovate eCommerce platforms since the very beginning. epicShops and BigCommerce have been through a lot together, including re-branding. Check out what our logos and home pages looked like when we first partnered in 2009! 

The Evolution Of A Brand:



If you’ve never heard of them, BigCommerce is a privately owned tech company that began as a startup between two guys who met in a chatroom. It was officially founded in 2009, and has since expanded into a global team of hundreds that has helped online retailers make billions of dollars in sales. Their goal has been to revolutionize the way people shop, work, and live online, and they are meeting and exceeding those goals with the help of their partners. 

epicShops has built over 100 websites using the BigCommerce platform, and we currently host over 70 BigCommerce websites. We have built multiple apps and themes for BigCommerce, and we love to find creative ways to blaze a trail in the eCommerce industry. By combining our love of conversion rate optimization with BigCommerce’s stellar framework, we have been able to help over seventy businesses succeed online.

 The main thing that sets apart BigCommerce is their SaaS platform, or software as a service. A SaaS platform provides software on a subscription basis, meaning it is set up and hosted by a parent company, and you have a license to use and change the software to suit your needs, for as long as you need. It’s an on-demand eCommerce platform, if you will. As Finances Online so aptly describes it, “Thanks to SaaS, small to mid-size businesses can now keep up with the “big fish” by 


utilizing the tools made available to them. Click and link tracking, analysis, organizing customer relationships and prospects, email marketing, social media marketing, lead scoring and even (if you use Infusionsoft) Ecommerce shopping carts are just a few of things SaaS allows businesses to do.”

We have been in partnership with BigCommerce for ten years, but in 2017, we were pleased to announce we were officially a preferred partner with BigCommerce.  BigCommerce was one of the frontrunners of the eCommerce SaaS revolution, and epicShops is dedicated to continuing to revolutionize the industry. The ‘Preferred’ partner tier is for web designers, marketing agencies and consultants with exceptional knowledge of the BigCommerce platform. It also means we have access to their on-site team of developers, and can work hand-in-hand with BigCommerce to develop themes, apps and enhancements that make our clients’ e-commerce websites function like no other. There’s a reason big name corporations like Toyota, Motorola, Ben & Jerry’s and more choose BigCommerce – functionality, features, integrations, leading-edge technology and the overall ability to help merchants skyrocket their online sales.

As a BigCommerce Preferred partner, we are able to customize and innovate now more than ever. Our trusted and experienced team has nearly a decade’s worth of know-how with platform, and we’ve already transitioned 20+ websites from BigCommerce’s Blueprint framework to the new, advanced Stencil theming engine. For the transition, we designed several new themes and apps to make the most of Stencil’s available features, and we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for more news throughout this year and next, as we launch even more themes and plugins to make our clients’ BigCommerce sites function like never before. 

Here at epicShops, we never stop innovating, and we’re honored to be partners with an outstanding e-commerce platform that does the same.

Celebrate with us by signing up for a demo of one of our BigCommerce websites, and some of the incredible capabilities we can offer to help you create an eCommerce website that will succeed and convert beyond your wildest imagination! 

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