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Our Epic New Office Space: Taking epicShops To The Next Level


Written by epicshops

November 21, 2019

Our Epic New Office Space: Taking epicShops To The Next Level

It’s an exciting time of year…

It’s an exciting time of year…

We are just gearing up for the fun and festivities of the holiday season, and shortly after that the excitement of a brand new year!

2019 has been an incredible year for epicShops: we have been constantly evolving and growing as our company expands!

One of the most exciting things we have to report is our brand new office space. We moved in the first week of October, and so far it has been even better than we anticipated. Being together in one space makes our business processes much more streamlined, and has built a new kind of unity within our team.

Our new office space is located right in the heart of downtown Ashland, directly underneath a popular local Taqueria. We have been very good— we’ve only gotten tacos twice… today.

Looking Back

Ten years ago, epicShops began at a single desk in the dining room of the home of Brandon Kirkland, our CEO and founder. 

At the time he owned and operated a flower shop with his wife, and was doing night and weekend flower deliveries. He was also working full time as a local high school teacher.

epicShops actually began as epicFlowers. The more Brandon began to familiarize himself with the floral website industry, the more he realized how limited the options were.

There was a huge lack of quality, affordable florist websites, so he started a website for his own business. Soon after, several other businesses hired him to build and manage their floral websites as well.

In the beginning, it started as a dream to create a better website that didn’t cost florists so much, and better served their purposes. The Epic dream has only changed a little: we have grown from just wanting to create better options, to knowing we provide some of the best options, and not just for florists! 

Since 2009, epicShops has been able to expand beyond the floral industry, and we now host and manage over 70 monthly clients from all different industries. We not only want to make websites that serve needs and look great, but also make conversions!

We have seen tremendous success through our custom built programs such as our email marketing system, epicBloom. We have hundreds of happy clients that we have had the privilege to build sites for over the years. And it just keeps getting better.

When we decided to get a new office space, we knew it would be a great place to collaborate, keep each other accountable, and have a professional and fun environment to meet with our loyal customers and potential new clients.


We couldn’t have anticipated how much fun it would be to get to see each other everyday, go to lunch together, and grow as a team.


This new office space has been symbolic in more ways that one: it represents a different type of teamwork, growth, and expansion. It also represents a new and exciting season for epicShops. 2019 was so great, how could 2020 possibly beat it?

We can’t wait to find out.

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