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3 Stunning BigCommerce Themes to Elevate Your Online Store in 2024 | Ashland, Oregon

Nebula Eco demo page, a BigCommerce theme designed by Epic

Written by Noreen

June 6, 2024

As a business owner, you know that any business decision you make can dramatically influence your success. It’s the same way with your digital storefront. The platform you choose and the theme that represents your brand can make all the difference. 

Choosing the right theme is a significant decision to make. Themes are not simply wonderful designs. They are a powerhouse of design and functionality, built to make your store’s online presence known, exactly like Epic’s BigCommerce themes, which combine beauty, functionality, and innovation. 

If you want to compete and dominate the online marketplace, an Epic BigCommerce theme is your best bet.

Epic’s Stellar BigCommerce Themes for Florists and Flower Shops

Epic, a renowned developer of BigCommerce themes, offers a range of options designed to showcase the stunning beauty of blooms for florists and flower shops. 

Each theme is crafted with customization controls, allowing you to design easily without any knowledge of code. It also integrates seamlessly with your online business tools.


The first theme in our lineup, Solar, is designed with sophistication and functionality in mind. It includes features such as a fully responsive design, front-page slideshow, product comparison table, complex search filtering, customizable product selector, and a persistent cart.

Imagine having a beautifully designed front page that grabs attention right away. Solar is that. The BigCommerce theme makes your floral products look amazing and helps your customers find what they need quickly and easily.


Next is Polaris, one of the most sophisticated BigCommerce themes we’ve created. Polaris emphasizes minimalism without sacrificing functionality. Key features include advanced quick view, cart-suggested products, complex search filtering, customizable product selector, and a one-page checkout. 

Polaris focuses on simplicity and elegance. It features a quick view option so customers can see product details without leaving the page and suggested products that appear in the cart to encourage additional purchases. 

Polaris is designed to create a smooth shopping experience that keeps customers coming back.


Our newest theme, Nebula, takes things to the next level. Nebula is all about showcasing your vibrant floral displays in the best possible way. It includes advanced search options so customers can find exactly what they’re looking for and a customizable product selector that makes it easy for them to choose the perfect item. 

Nebula is designed to provide a seamless user experience, helping to increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Epic BigCommerce Themes?

There are many themes in the BigCommerce marketplace, but Epic themes are specially designed to be striking and thoroughly functional. We don’t sell visuals. We design with your business in mind because we want you to sell more and make a bigger profit. And that means making sure that everything about our theme makes the buyer journey fast and smooth. 

Here are other reasons why our themes stand out: 

Customization at its best

Every store has its unique style, and Epic understands this better than anyone. With our themes, you can easily adjust the layout and colors to match your brand perfectly without needing to touch any code. 

We want your theme to be a perfect fit for your brand, and because websites should be dynamic, we want our theme to grow along with your business.

Epic performance

A slow, clunky website can drive customers away. Epic BigCommerce themes ensure your site loads fast and runs smoothly and quickly, from browsing products to completing a purchase. This means fewer abandoned carts and more sales for your business.

Fantastic mobile optimization

Good SEO isn’t just about keywords. It’s also about providing a great user experience, especially on mobile devices. Epic BigCommerce themes are optimized for any device, including mobile use, helping you rank higher on Google and bringing more eyes to your products.

Designed for growth

Our themes are packed with features that help your business grow. From social media integration to advanced product filters and a simple one-page checkout, Epic themes make it easier to expand your offerings and reach more customers. These features are designed to increase your sales and improve your business operations.

Additionally, our themes are designed to seamlessly integrate with apps that simplify the selling process. Need assistance with inventory control, customer reviews, notifications, or pickup and delivery? We’ve developed apps for these purposes, and they are easy to install into our themes.

Blossoming Success with Epic

In the digital age, your online storefront is everything. Epic BigCommerce themes give you the edge you need to stand out, convert more visitors, and keep them coming back. You’re not opening just any store. You’re opening the right one. 

Choosing Epic means choosing a partner that understands your need to stand out, sell more, and grow fast. Ready to make the switch? Let’s talk about how we can take your online store to the next level.

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