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Crafting a Unique Brand Identity: Customizing BigCommerce Themes for Your Business | Ashland, Oregon

customizing BigCommerce themes can be done through simple color changes as shown here

Written by Noreen

April 1, 2024

Imagine walking down a bustling street lined with generic storefronts. Now, picture a shop with vibrant colors, eye-catching displays, and a welcoming atmosphere that instantly reflects its brand personality. That’s the power of customization in the digital world!

For BigCommerce retailers, your online store is your prime real estate. While pre-designed themes offer a solid foundation, customizing BigCommerce themes allows you to transform that space into a brand-specific haven that attracts and engages customers.  

This blog post will be your guide to unlocking the potential of customization, empowering you to craft a BigCommerce store as unique as your brand.

The Strategic Advantage of Branding

A cookie-cutter BigCommerce store with a generic theme might get lost in the digital sea. But a store that reflects your brand identity – its voice, values, and personality – is a powerful sales tool.  

Customizing BigCommerce themes allows you to:

Forge emotional connections

People connect with brands that resonate with their values. When you weave your brand story into the look and feel of your store, you create an emotional connection that promotes trust and loyalty.

Enhance user experience

Customization is about functionality, too. A well-customized theme with a user-friendly layout and intuitive navigation makes it easier for customers to find what they want and navigate your store seamlessly. This translates to a more enjoyable shopping experience and, potentially, higher conversion rates.

Differentiate from the competition

 In a saturated online market, standing out is crucial. Customization empowers you to create a store that’s distinctly yours, setting you apart from competitors and capturing the attention of your target audience.

By investing in customizing BigCommerce themes, you’re making cosmetic changes and building a strategic branding tool that strengthens your online presence, cultivates customer loyalty, and ultimately drives sales.

Exploring Customization Options

The beauty of BigCommerce lies in its flexibility. There are two main approaches to customizing BigCommerce themes:

  1. Built-in theme customizer

Don’t let the term “built-in” fool you. BigCommerce’s theme customizer packs a punch! This user-friendly interface allows you to make a surprising range of adjustments, including:

  • Color palette: Swap out the theme’s default colors for those that perfectly match your brand.
  • Font selection: Choose fonts that reflect your brand personality, whether playful, quirky, sophisticated, or elegant.
  • Layout options: Experiment with different layout options to optimize your product listings, imagery, and call-to-action buttons.

The built-in theme customizer is a fantastic starting point for beginners who want to add a touch of personalization without diving into code.

2. Advanced theme customization

For those with a thirst for deeper control, BigCommerce offers advanced theme customization options. This involves editing the theme code directly, giving you the power to modify:

  • Website structure: Create custom page layouts, add unique elements, and personalize the overall flow of your store.
  • Functionality: Integrate additional features and functionalities that enhance the user experience and cater to your business needs.
  • Design elements: Fine-tune the look and feel of your store down to the pixel, ensuring every aspect reflects your brand aesthetic.

From Bland to On Brand: Customizing BigCommerce Themes

Customizing BigCommerce themes opens a world of possibilities for businesses like yours. It empowers you to create a truly unique and brand-aligned online store that sells products, tells your brand story, and cultivates a loyal customer base.

Epic is a full-scale digital marketing agency passionate about helping eCommerce businesses create online experiences that captivate and convert. Our team of BigCommerce experts can guide you through every step of the customization process, from leveraging our beautiful pre-built themes to crafting a customized one just for you.  

Contact us today for a FREE consultation, and let’s discuss how we can help you craft a BigCommerce store that reflects your brand’s unique identity and sets you apart from the competition!

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