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Brick-and-Click Bliss: Unveiling the Power of BigCommerce BOPIS | Ashland, Oregon

Woman picking up her order from the store. An example of BigCommerce BOPIS

Written by Noreen

April 3, 2024

Imagine a customer browsing your online store, finding the perfect item, but wanting it right away.  Traditionally, this could mean a lost sale because who can deliver ASAP? But what if you could seamlessly bridge the gap between your online store and physical location, offering immediate gratification to eager customers?  

This is what BigCommerce Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) can do.

BigCommerce BOPIS isn’t just a fancy acronym – it’s a powerful tool that can fully transform your retail strategy.  Let’s talk about it a little more deeply.

Beyond Convenience: The Strategic Advantages of BigCommerce BOPIS

While convenience is a major perk for customers who can grab their purchases on the go,  BigCommerce BOPIS offers a wealth of strategic advantages for retailers:

  • Increased conversion rates: Studies show that BOPIS options can significantly increase conversion rates, especially for impulse purchases or last-minute gifts. Customers who can secure an item right away are more likely to finalize the sale.
  • Boost in-store traffic: BOPIS entices online shoppers to visit your physical store. Once they’re there, they’re more likely to browse other products and potentially make additional purchases.
  • Enhanced customer experience: BOPIS offers a smooth, omnichannel shopping experience that caters to today’s busy customer. It provides flexibility and control, allowing customers to shop online on their terms and pick up their items at their convenience.
  • Inventory optimization: BigCommerce BOPIS allows you to leverage your existing in-store inventory to fulfill online orders. This can streamline your operations, reduce reliance on solely warehousing products, and potentially free up capital for other investments.

When you implement  BigCommerce BOPIS, you’re creating a strategic advantage that strengthens your omnichannel presence, boosts sales, and promotes customer loyalty.

How BigCommerce BOPIS Works

The beauty of BigCommerce BOPIS lies in its seamless integration.  Here’s a simplified breakdown of the process:

  1. Customers shop online: Customers browse your BigCommerce store and add items to their cart as usual.
  2. BOPIS selection: At checkout, they choose the BigCommerce BOPIS option and select their preferred pick-up location (your physical store).
  3. Order processing & notification: Once the order is confirmed, you receive notification and can prepare the item for pick-up at your store.
  4. Customer pick-up: The customer is notified that their order is ready and can visit your store to collect their purchase.

This streamlined process creates a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

Getting Started with BigCommerce BOPIS

Ready to harness the power of  BigCommerce BOPIS for your business? Here are some initial steps:

  • Evaluate your needs: Consider your product offerings, store locations, and target audience to determine if BOPIS is a good fit for your business model.
  • Inventory management: Ensure your online and in-store inventory are accurately synced to avoid stock discrepancies and customer disappointment.
  • Communication is key: Clearly communicate BOPIS availability, pick-up instructions, and store hours on your website and during checkout.
  • Staff training: Train your in-store staff on the BOPIS process to ensure a smooth and efficient pick-up experience for customers.

Follow these steps, leverage BigCommerce’s user-friendly BOPIS functionality, and you’ll be well on your way to implementing a successful program that enhances customer satisfaction and drives sales.

Turn Brick-and-Click Bliss into Reality: Partner with Epic Today!

BigCommerce BOPIS can revolutionize your retail strategy, but navigating the setup and optimization process can seem daunting.  That’s where we come in.  

We’re Epic, a full-scale digital marketing agency specializing in BigCommerce. Our team of BigCommerce experts can help you seamlessly integrate BOPIS into your online store, optimize your fulfillment process, and ensure a positive experience for both you and your customers.

Do you want to leverage the power of BigCommerce BOPIS and transform your retail experience?  Contact us today for a FREE consultation!  We have the perfect solution that can bridge the gap between your online store and physical location, driving sales and customer satisfaction.

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