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Epic BigCommerce Themes for Stunning Online Stores in 2024

Nebula Fashion, one of several stunning Epic BigCommerce themes

Written by Noreen

March 7, 2024

As a business owner, you know that any business decision you make can dramatically influence your success. It’s the same way with your digital storefront. The platform you choose and the theme that represents your brand can make all the difference. 

That’s why choosing the right theme is a significant decision to make. Themes are not simply wonderful designs. They are a powerhouse of design and functionality and are built to make your store’s online presence known. 

Epic BigCommerce themes are where functionality meets innovation. If you’re aiming to not just compete but dominate in the online marketplace, an Epic BigCommerce theme is your best bet.

Our Stunning BigCommerce Themes

We’ve designed plenty of themes throughout the years, but let us highlight two of our newer themes:


Our newest addition, Nebula, sets a new standard in UI/UX design within the BigCommerce ecosystem. It’s designed to visually captivate while ensuring a seamless user journey. 

Nebula champions effortless navigation and accessibility, promising an inclusive shopping experience for all visitors. Its features, which include advanced navigation and diverse layout options, are designed to spotlight your offerings effectively. 

Nebula is available in variations like Fashion, Eco, Home, and Beauty, each crafted to amplify your niche.


Polaris was built for those who value the minimalist yet functional design. It’s a theme that underscores the elegance of simplicity while enhancing user engagement through smooth micro-interactions and transitions. 

Polaris easily adapts to your needs, offering a tailored experience that encourages customers to explore and return.

Reasons to Choose Epic BigCommerce Themes

Customization at its best

Every store has its own vibe, and we at Epic understand this better than anyone. Tailor your site to match your brand perfectly without getting bogged down in code. Whether it’s modifying the layout or adjusting colors, these themes put control where it belongs—with you.

With an Epic theme, you have the freedom to tweak and tune every aspect of your site so that it lines up perfectly with your brand identity. This level of personalization is what sets our themes apart from the rest because it makes your site not just another storefront but a memorable destination for your customers.

Epic performance 

Nobody likes a clunky website, which is why your website’s performance and user experience (UX) can’t be overlooked. 

Epic BigCommerce themes are built to ensure your site is smooth, fast, and easy to navigate. From product discovery to checkout, your customers get a seamless experience, reducing cart abandonment and boosting sales.

Fantastic mobile optimization

SEO doesn’t only revolve around keywords. It is also about providing a great user experience, which Google loves. Epic BigCommerce themes are optimized to help you rank better, bringing your products in front of eyes that are eager to see them.

Designed for growth

While looks matter, what’s behind the ears matters more. Or so, as the saying goes, which is true for our themes, too. 

Our Epic BigCommerce themes look good, and they’re fully functional, too. We packed them with features like social media integration, advanced product filters, and one-page checkout that are designed to scale with you, making it easier to expand your offerings and customer base.

We want to add real, tangible value to your business, so we filled our themes with features designed to raise your sales and improve your operational efficiency. 

Why Settle for Basic When You Can Go Epic?

In the digital age, your online storefront is everything. Epic BigCommerce themes give you the edge you need to stand out, convert more visitors, and keep them coming back. You’re not opening any store. You’re opening the right one.

Choosing Epic means choosing a partner that understands your need to stand out, sell more, and grow fast. Ready to make the switch? Let’s talk about how we can take your online store to the next level.

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