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Finding the Perfect BigCommerce Website Designer: Key Considerations

BigCommerce website designer working on the UI wireframe of a website.

Written by Noreen

March 20, 2024

The digital marketplace is brimming with potential, but to tap into it, you need a partner who understands your vision and can translate it into a compelling online experience

This guide is your roadmap to finding that perfect BigCommerce website designer so your eCommerce site performs spectacularly. 

Why a BigCommerce Website Designer Is Your Ace in the Hole

A skilled BigCommerce website designer brings more than just attractive visuals to your site. They understand the platform’s nuances, from optimizing performance to enhancing user experience (UX), making your site a welcoming place for visitors. 

Their expertise is crucial in a landscape where customer expectations and technology trends constantly shift.

The BigCommerce Website Designer Checklist

A good BigCommerce website designer will be able to provide you with a beautiful website that functions solidly. However, they are not that easy to find. When considering one to make your site, make sure they tick all the boxes below:

Has the experience and expertise

Look for a designer with a proven track record on the BigCommerce platform. Their portfolio should showcase various projects that highlight their ability to tailor designs to different industries and business needs. 

Understands your brand

Your BigCommerce website designer should grasp your brand’s essence so that your whole website reflects your identity and speaks directly to your target audience.

Shows technical proficiency and knowledge

The right designer will not only know about design but also have a deep understanding of SEO best practices, mobile optimization, and the technicalities of the BigCommerce platform. 

A good website should be able to perform seamlessly and not just look good, and a capable designer should know this. 

Communicates and collaborates with you

The design process should be collaborative. Choose a designer who understands your needs and is open to feedback. They should be able to communicate clearly about what is happening at each phase so that you are part of the process, too. 

Future-proofs your design

A great BigCommerce website designer doesn’t just think about the here and now. They design with the future in mind. For example, they strategize your site’s design to ensure it’s adaptable, ready to integrate with emerging technologies and platforms, and can grow seamlessly with your business. 

This foresight includes making your site compatible with new apps, adapting to changing SEO strategies, and preparing for advancements in e-commerce functionality. The goal is to create a flexible and scalable website that can quickly embrace new trends and technologies, keeping your business at the forefront of the digital curve.

Setting Sail with the Right BigCommerce Website Designer

The journey to distinguishing your brand in a busy online arena begins with the perfect partnership. That means partnering with a team, such as Epic, that ticks all the boxes. 

Epic is a full-scale digital marketing agency that specializes in BigCommerce stores. We’ve been designing websites since 2008 and now work with 70+ businesses monthly. We’ve even developed several apps and themes to make BigCommerce websites more functional and effective. 

We have the knowledge and expertise to transform your online presence into your biggest asset. Reach out to us today, and let’s get started on making your website sell.

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