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Boosting Sales with BOPIS on Your BigCommerce Store: Best Practices

woman browsing for bags on her phone from a shop, which is a good candidate for BigCommerce BOPIS

Written by Noreen

March 22, 2024

In retail environments, offering as much flexibility as you can to your customers is vital in staying ahead, which is why Buy Online, Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) has emerged as a powerful strategy to meet this need. It blends the convenience of online shopping with the immediacy of physical store pick-ups. 

For BigCommerce store owners, incorporating BOPIS is now readily accessible. There is an app that allows you to integrate this important feature into your eCommerce site to give your customers more delivery options.

But what exactly is BigCommerce BOPIS and how can it help you? 

What is BOPIS and Why It Matters

BOPIS stands for Buy Online, Pick-up In Store. It allows customers to purchase products online and then pick them up at a physical location, often within the same day. This approach caters to shoppers looking for convenience and speed, which significantly enhances their buying experience. 

For BigCommerce retailers, implementing BOPIS means not only providing flexibility but also driving more foot traffic to your physical outlets.

Implementing BigCommerce BOPIS Effectively

When you implement BOPIS in your site, there are a few things you need to remember to be able to utilize it effectively.

Clear communication

If, for example, you are not offering BOPIS for all products in your store, make sure that your website clearly indicates which products are only available for pick up. Clarity here prevents any customer frustration and makes the process seamless.

Streamlined checkout process

When setting up BigCommerce BOPIS, include an option at checkout for customers to choose between traditional delivery and store pick-up. Keeping this process straightforward is crucial. Your customers want to be given options, so make sure you provide them that flexibility. 

Inventory management

Accurate inventory tracking is essential. Your BigCommerce platform should provide real-time updates to prevent the sale of items that aren’t available for pick-up. 

Best Practices for BigCommerce BOPIS

To make the most out of BigCommerce BOPIS, follow these best practices:

  • User-friendly interface: Your BigCommerce site should make it easy for customers to navigate and opt for BOPIS. Consider implementing filters that allow shoppers to see only items available for in-store pickup. 
  • Efficient pick-up system: Designate specific areas in your store for BOPIS pick-ups. Ensure these areas are well-signed and staffed, making the pick-up process quick and hassle-free.
  • Promote BOPIS offers: Use your website and social media platforms to highlight the benefits of BOPIS. Special promotions or discounts for BOPIS orders can incentivize customers to try out the service.

BigCommerce BOPIS: A Win-Win

Incorporating BOPIS into your BigCommerce store provides your shoppers a service that benefits both your business and your customers. BOPIS can lead to increased sales, reduced shipping costs, and a more satisfying shopping experience for your customers.

Get Started with BigCommerce BOPIS through eLocal

If you’re looking to add BOPIS to your BigCommerce store, start by evaluating your current setup and consider the changes needed to support this service. Remember, the goal is to create a seamless experience for your customers.

One app you can consider for integrating BOPIS effectively into your store is Epic’s eLocal, which is a suite of customizable and user-friendly options for delivery and pick-up. This tool gives you the power to refine your eCommerce site, providing your customers with more choices on how they receive their orders.

Here’s what you get with eLocal:

Comprehensive control over pick-up and delivery

You can customize your service to fit the unique demands of your operation and clientele. eLocal simplifies inventory management, sets pick-up times, and customizes checkout processes, which work to enhance customer satisfaction.

Set preparation times and drive purchases

With eLocal you can efficiently manage when your products are ready for collection and motivate customers to make purchases with strategic countdowns.

Brand-centric customization

You can improve your site’s look and functionality with eLocal, which allows widgets to be customized at both product and checkout stages, fully aligning with your brand’s visual identity.

Manage rush deliveries and special offers with ease

You can adjust your delivery strategy based on customer demand and business capacity to ensure profitability and operational efficiency.

Ready to Make Bigger Profits and Sales?

With eLocal by Epic, you get not just a tool, but a partner that will enhance your store’s offering and meet your customers’ needs. Contact us today and find out how eLocal can transform how your BigCommerce store operates. 

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