FloristWare Is Pleased To Announce The James Lowe
Memorial Award

In his honor, and with the blessing of his family, FloristWare is pleased to announce the James Lowe Memorial Award: $2,500 in financial support to help a designer attend the AIFD Symposium.

Wilmington DE – January 28, 2018 – In the fall of 2018 the flower industry lost a beloved
member when James L. Lowe, AIFD, CFD of Minot ND passed away far too soon.

James was a loving son and devoted friend, a talented designer, and an inspiration to the
LGBTQ community in his home town. He made this industry a better and more welcoming place
for so many by generously volunteering his time to both AIFD and the North Dakota State
Florists Association. He never sought the spotlight and always gave more than he took.

AIFD veterans knew James as a dedicated member that gave tirelessly to the organization.
Countless new inductees have a story about James making them feel welcome, and
encouraging them to participate as volunteers. His vendors recall him as an incredibly smart
operator brimming with new ideas, and as a champion of the North Dakota State Florists
Association and their annual convention.

“James was a very talented and genuine person. His dedication to the industry was wonderful
and he always brought 110% to the table. He will be missed.” says J Robbin Yelverton AAF,

In his honor, and with the blessing of his family, FloristWare – a software system for florists
– is pleased to announce the James Lowe Symposium Scholarship, awarding $2,500 in
financial support to help a floral designer attend the AIFD Symposium. The goal of this award is
to encourage others to follow James’ example.

“Those of us lucky enough to have known James will never forget him, or what he taught
us about how to approach this industry. We hope to help ensure that the next generation
know his name and emulate the spirit with which he approached the flower business.”
explains Mark Anderson of FloristWare.

With that in mind this award is open to anyone who is:

1. Attending the 2019 AIFD Symposium
2. An active volunteer with AIFD.
3. An active volunteer with one other association.

The award will take the form of one Symposium registration (valued at approximately $1,000)
and $1,500 to help cover expenses – a total of approximately $2,500.

The winner will be chosen at random from a pool of seven finalists. To win a participant must
first become part of this pool.

Interested designers can enter this pool in one of two ways:

• Through an online design contest, held during March, where each participant can submit
one design. The five participants with the most votes will advance to the pool of finalists.
• Winning the Professional Division of either of the 2019 MFA or WUMFA Design Contests by
accumulating the highest cumulative point score from the three professional division design

The five participants with the most votes in the online contest will join the winners of the
MFA/WUMFA design contests to form the pool of seven finalists.
2019 MFA Design Competition
2019 WUMFA Design Competition

One winner will be chosen at random from this pool of seven and announced on April 4, 2019.

About Floristware

FloristWare is a complete software system for florists – a powerful, affordable and easy-to-use point-of-sale/shop management system designed from the ground up for the retail floral industry. It saves time and money by streamlining and simplifying many of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks involved in running a flower shop. It also increases sales and profits while helping florists provide a higher level of service that garners them raving fans.

Contact Info

Name: Mary Ann Stewart
Organization: FloristWare
Address: 19 C Trolley Square
Wilmington, DE, 19806

Phone: 888.531.3012

I really got to thank you and Brandon. You did an EXCELLENT job! Along with the videos - that really helps.
Texas Cyclesport
Texas Cyclesport
16:26 28 Jul 17
If I could I would give EpicShops more than 5 Stars. They have great customer service and do all they can to help put our business needs first while delivering a top notch product.
Matt Rathbone
Matt Rathbone
18:58 26 Jul 17
Can't recommend this company enough, Brandon especially. Great service and very knowledgeable!
Lee Watkinson
Lee Watkinson
08:34 06 Oct 17
I've been very happy with my Web site from Epic. The customer service is excellent also and they are always thinking of new ways to improve my experience. I don't hesitate to recommend Epic if you are a florist looking for a great website.
Helen Halloran
Helen Halloran
00:08 26 May 17
epicShops has helped me grow my online business 48% over the last year. They are sincerely dedicated to my success.
Terri Rb
Terri Rb
21:22 30 May 17
Awesome websites and customer service, I have 2 websites with them and they both do exceptionally well!
brian joseph
brian joseph
18:53 08 Nov 17
AWESOME!!! Can't say enough about the experience with Epic. Customer service is KING with this team. They are very responsive and get you results right away. They can help you top to bottom with all your web, social and ecommerce needs.
Scott Wam
Scott Wam
18:52 09 Nov 17
Simply, Brandon and his team at Epic provide the finest service in existence for floral websites. Their expertise, creativity, and knowledge of what attracts customers and converts sales is second to none. If you run a florist, don't use a lame wire service cookie-cutter site! Brandon will make you more money!! I've used Epic for several years now and wouldn't consider any other option.
Joshua Aaron
Joshua Aaron
23:59 05 Dec 17
I’m very impressed with this company. They truly care about helping people with their website needs. Great advise and support. Delightful to work with. I highly recommend having a consultation. You won’t be disappointed.
Suzanne L. Anderson
Suzanne L. Anderson
06:28 19 Jan 18
Brandon, at Epic Flowers, is awesome to work with! His creativity and expertise in manipulating the world of technology took my ideas to the next level. Receiving my initial inspiration, then adding his own creative fertilizer, allowing it to Blossom on the pages.Todd Bjornson ~ Sedona AZ"In The Flow" therapeutic massageZorba's & Zuli's Chocolates
Todd Bjornson
Todd Bjornson
18:32 19 Feb 18
Brandon has done a very good job with our website. Orders are up and it is easy to use and for us to navigate. They respond quickly to any questions you may have. I highly recommend them!
Kristin Eaton
Kristin Eaton
18:59 06 Sep 18
Epic Websites are awesome! Brandon and his team are great to work with..
Barbara Wilson
Barbara Wilson
16:26 15 Sep 18
epicShops has helped us take our website to the next level. They have taken the time to help us solve some very unique situations that others simply could not. Their communication and creativity make them the best out there. We will continue to use them for all of our web development needs. Thanks guys!
Fiddler's Green Golf Center
Fiddler's Green Golf Center
17:34 20 Sep 18
HI Rachel! First of all, as we all get busy and don’t always take the time to say THANKS, we wanted to tell you that we are very pleased with the work you are doing and we are noticing that we are getting more traffic! Just yesterday, we added two new customers who came through our website! This week we had 6 calls from prospective customers that found us via Google and currently in discussions with the other 4 companies to quote their business! Last week we gained another large account so everything is working! We are so happy we chose you guys as a partner and excited to see where the future takes us!Sincerely, Jason and Carolyn Anderson- Anderson Pallet and Crate, Sedalia, CO
Carolyn Anderson
Carolyn Anderson
19:51 19 Oct 18
I chose Epic for their experience in the Floral industry. I wanted a custom site that continued our existing look but brought in the many backend features of Big Commerce. The four month process ended up taking eight but I spent a lot of time testing and getting any issues resolved before we went live. Epic worked closely with me and communicated well on fixes and time frames for everything. Only been two weeks but we have experience a significant increase in average order and Brandon has worked closely with MAS to integrate our site seamlessly. Orders come in quicker, enabling us spend less time cleaning up incoming orders.My experience was coming from Yahoo Store hosting to Big Commerce. I highly recommend you give Epic a shot but ultimately, be prepared to spend time testing your site before you go live. This extra four months allowed us to go live with very minor issues.Greg
Greg Turner
Greg Turner
14:27 15 Mar 19
Brandon and his team have been fantastic to work with. We were looking for a website for our floral company that could take us to the next level, and Epic has. The increased functionality, user friendly experience, and data tracking that an Epic website offers is incredible. Thanks again to Brandon and his team for a job well done!
Jason Gidas
Jason Gidas
14:13 16 Mar 19
Fantastic webdesign! They really work hard to learn your business and are super-fast at responding to email and phone calls. I HIGHLY recommend this team.
17:09 18 Mar 19

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