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E-Commerce Trends For 2022: Retail Strategies for The New Year

e-commerce for 2022

Written by Noreen

December 21, 2021

When the pandemic struck and everyone was left stranded inside their homes, e-commerce experienced a massive boom. It was already on the rise for years, but 2020 gave it a huge leg up in terms of new users and increased sales. 

The rapid rise of e-commerce led many companies to realize just how powerful this online platform was and how underutilized. Statista’s figures show that from $360 million in 2019, retail e-commerce revenue skyrocketed to $431M in 2020. By the end of 2022, we should see profits reaching $502M. 

Physical stores aren’t going away any time soon, but online shopping should continue to play an important part in any retail business’s marketing strategy. And since more and more consumers are using this platform, it’s vital for businesses to keep up with the latest e-commerce trends because consumer behavior is evolving constantly.

Top E-Commerce Trends for 2022

1. Mobile Optimization

No, it’s not the future. It’s already a trend, but it will keep going in that direction for 2022 and the next. More and more people own smartphones in America and the world over, and while desktops remain the top choice for online shopping, they will become eclipsed by mobile phones in the future.

That little phone will be the preferred choice for shopping by consumers. Focus your attention on making your website as optimized as possible for the smartphone user. Since optimization also plays a role in a site’s search engine rankings, mobile-friendliness will make your site more visible to many.

2. Social Selling

According to a 2020 Statista survey, 30% of the e-commerce decision-makers in North America and Europe are already selling on social media platforms and 12% have expressed their intent to start in 2021. 

 Now consider these numbers:

  • 4.48 billion people use social media worldwide.
  • 72% of the total American population is on social media.
  • The average time spent by Americans on social media is 2 hours and 7 minutes.
  • Over 70% of consumers who have experienced a positive interaction with a brand on social media are likely to recommend that brand to their family and friends.

If your business isn’t on social media yet, you’re already late to the game but you can still catch up. 

3. Mobile Wallets And Other Payment Options

The current e-commerce trend is pointing to more convenient payment options. The more payment choices you provide, the happier consumers are. In fact, according to a report by customer messaging platform Podium, convenient payment options are the second most important factor when choosing a local business, second only to customer service.

Mobile wallets—like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay—and direct payment platforms like Paypal and Venmo are some of the most popular forms of payments for about a fifth of online shoppers. If an online shop only accepts debit or credit cards, they will be missing out on a large percentage of sales.

To drive the importance of providing more digital payment options, here are more stats from Podium:

  • 38% of high-income consumers will abandon a transaction if their preferred payment choice is not offered
  • 64% of high-income consumers who have tried text payments either liked it or strongly liked it

4. Voice Search Optimization

Right now we are seeing a rise in the number of people using voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. Around 32% of people use voice-activated searches daily instead of typing. This means that optimizing your e-commerce website for voice search is not just an option anymore but a necessity.

People want information and fast. This method of searching combines two of what people find most important: convenience and speed. Searching by voice is infinitely faster than typing, and it’s far more convenient to use when you are multitasking. 

5. Customization

Another trend that is on the rise is product and service customization. From music to clothing and flower arrangements, customers are demanding more personalized services that cater to their specific needs. 

The main goal in customization is to make purchasing as hassle-free and comfortable as possible for your market.

6. Livestream Shopping

Livestream shopping is a big deal in China, and it is starting to take off here in the US. Retailers like Amazon and Bloomingdale’s are already taking advantage of this medium, and more, like Petco and Nordstrom’s, are catching on.

The main attraction in Livestream shopping is its interactive nature. It helps you connect instantly and more deeply with your audience who feel like they are taking part in a more genuine engagement than watching scripted or pre-recorded videos.

Through the chat section of live streaming, the consumer is able to ask questions about the brand or product and get instant feedback. And since the medium lends an air of authenticity that is hard to match, it helps build more trust and credibility for your brand.

Be Prepared For The Future

These are exciting times to live in, with new technology coming out in rapid succession and more yet to come. There will be a huge step forward in the way businesses market and showcase their products and services. Don’t miss out on sales! Ensure that your business is ready to face the future by integrating any or all of these technological and e-commerce trends into your website. Contact us for a free consultation. We have the tools to make it happen.

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