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Maximizing Conversion Rates with BigCommerce Website Design

BigCommerce website design pros designing the UX of a site

Written by Noreen

December 29, 2023

First impressions are the currency of engagement. From the moment a visitor lands on your page, everything in it—from your BigCommerce website design to your content—must seize your audience’s attention and keep them there.

With a fiercely competitive marketplace and the typical browser’s short attention span, all the elements on your website must combine seamlessly to keep your visitor interested enough to stay and purchase.

Converting Browsers into Buyers

Your BigCommerce website design is your gateway to sales success. From graphics and images to navigation and layout, every detail matters. Here are the design steps for turning those clicks into purchases:

1. Strategic homepage design

Your homepage serves as your digital storefront. Make sure that it is visually appealing with a clean layout that guides visitors’ attention to where they should go. Highlight key products or promotions prominently to capture interest from the start.

2. Clear product presentation

Use high-quality images for your products and accompany them with concise, compelling descriptions. Your visitor can’t feel, smell, or examine your product so you have to rely on images and content to entice your browsers to buy. 

Make sure that your pricing and availability information are also easily accessible, giving potential buyers the information they need at a glance.

3. Simplified checkout process

Streamline the checkout process to minimize steps and avoid unnecessary complexities. An ideal BigCommerce website design provides a straightforward and efficient checkout experience, which reduces the risk of cart abandonment.

One way to simplify the process is to give your potential buyers the option to checkout as a guest, instead of requiring them to sign up first. But since signing up is a great way to generate leads, entice them with a discount when they do create an account at your store.

4. Mobile-friendly experience

Recognize the prevalence of mobile browsing. Right now, about three-quarters of adult Americans say they buy online through a smartphone while 28% say they buy using a tablet. If you don’t optimize your website to cater to this segment, you will be missing out on a lot of potential sales.

Optimizing your BigCommerce website for mobile devices is just the start. You must also keep testing and refining your interface to be certain that you are providing your market with a seamless shopping experience regardless of the device they use.

5. Trust-building elements

Instill confidence in your visitors by displaying trust badges, secure payment icons, and customer testimonials. Let them know that your website is credible and that any transactions they enter into with you will be safe. 

Communicate your return policy and customer support options clearly to build credibility and trust.

6. Strategic call-to-action (CTA)

Place clear and compelling CTAs strategically throughout your website. Use language that encourages action, guiding visitors toward the desired outcome, whether it’s making a purchase or signing up for updates.

7. Personalized user experience

The ideal BigCommerce website design will make the visitor feel included and valued. You can enhance the shopping experience with personalization by implementing features like personalized product recommendations based on browsing history. This creates a more tailored and engaging experience for each visitor.

8. Effective use of discounts and offers

Leverage discounts and promotions strategically to incentivize purchases. These should be obvious to your website visitors so that they are encouraged to browse and look for deals. 

Clearly communicate the value of your offers, and create a sense of urgency with limited-time promotions to drive immediate action.

9. Streamlined customer support

Provide accessible and responsive customer support options. Incorporate live chat, contact forms, and clear contact information. When customer queries are promptly addressed, it builds trust and enhances the overall customer experience.

10. Post-purchase engagement

Your relationship with the customer doesn’t end at the purchase. Implement a thoughtful post-purchase strategy, including follow-up communications. 

Request feedback and reviews to enhance credibility and provide information on related products or upcoming promotions, and then display these reviews prominently on your website to encourage other visitors to purchase and try your products.

Professional BigCommerce Website Design and Conversions

Your journey of turning browsers into buyers will receive a significant boost with professional BigCommerce website design. While many BigCommerce website design themes may have that visual flair and can be easily set up by non-tech savvy business owners, having a website especially customized to your brand and products by professionals makes a big difference. 

Imagine partnering with design experts who seamlessly integrate strategic homepage layouts, showcase products with flair, and ensure a shopping experience that’s not just trustworthy but also effortlessly smooth. 

With professionals at the helm, your digital space transforms into a captivating storefront purposefully designed for conversions.

Level Up Your Sales with Epic’s Website Design Expertise

Why do it yourself when you can have professionals turn your store into a site that sells? Say hello to Epic, your all-in-one BigCommerce partner. From jaw-dropping designs to conversion-optimized features, Epic ensures your online store is not just a destination but a conversion playground. Ready to unleash the epic potential of your store?

Contact us now, and let’s create an online experience that turns clicks into triumphs!

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