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Tailored Solutions for Southern Oregon: Leveraging BigCommerce SEO Services for Success

'local seo' spelled out in blocks to symbolize BigCommerce SEO specific to Southern Oregon

Written by Noreen

May 9, 2024

Southern Oregon is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. From handcrafted artisan wares to locally sourced outdoor gear, the region boasts a unique charm that deserves a wider audience. 

But in a competitive digital marketplace, simply having top-notch products or services isn’t enough. 

Businesses need a way to stand out online and attract customers searching for those local Southern Oregon finds. And to do that, you need BigCommerce SEO.

BigCommerce SEO is a critical factor in the success of your Southern Oregon business on the BigCommerce platform. It optimizes your BigCommerce store for search engines so that your products appear in the searches of potential customers, both local and national.

The targeted approach allows you to convert those online searches into real-world sales and keep you on top of your retail game.

Knowing the Local Market and Search Intent 

Your Southern Oregon business has a unique audience! Unlike national brands and big-city stores, you cater to a specific audience with distinct needs. Your local customers search for you online using local search. 

Here are examples of how this works:

  • Tourists: Imagine visitors enchanted by Southern Oregon’s beauty. They might search for “things to do in Southern Oregon” or “unique gifts from Southern Oregon” to capture a piece of the local charm.
  • Locals: Residents, on the other hand, have specific needs. They might search for “same-day delivery flowers” or “florist in Ashland” to send someone a floral gift or use terms like “[local] [product]” to find what they need close by.
  • Niche markets: Think outdoor enthusiasts searching for “fly fishing gear Southern Oregon” to find the perfect equipment for their passion.

Local SEO is all about making your BigCommerce business visible in these online searches to your target audience. It’s like having a prominent sign on a bustling local street, but instead of relying on foot traffic, you want potential customers to find you online when they’re actively searching for what you offer.

Here’s how local SEO does that:

  • Understanding search intent: Local BigCommerce SEO involves figuring out what words people in Southern Oregon are typing into search engines. 
  • Keywords: Once you’ve figured out the words local people are looking for, you have to pick out the most relevant words, like “red roses Southern Oregon,” and sprinkle them throughout your online store in places where customers can easily see them. It’s like adding labels to your shop window so people know exactly what you sell.

What’s so good about SEO is that it doesn’t involve complicated computer code. It’s about using clear, concise descriptions of your products and the words people in Southern Oregon are searching for.

BigCommerce SEO to Optimize Your Online Presence

Now that you understand your unique Southern Oregon audience and their search intent let’s explore how utilizing BigCommerce SEO can help you leverage this knowledge to attract more customers.

Keyword research and optimization

This stage is taking keywords a step further:

  • Long-tail keywords: Delve deeper and identify long-tail keywords highly specific to Southern Oregon and your target audience. Think “fresh red roses Southern Oregon” instead of just “roses.” These targeted phrases attract qualified customers actively searching for your offer.
  • Product descriptions, titles, and meta descriptions: Optimize these elements with your target keywords in a natural way. It’s about crafting clear, concise descriptions that customers and search engines understand.

Content marketing for local engagement

BigCommerce SEO includes creating high-quality content that resonates with your Southern Oregon audience:

  • Local focus: Develop blog posts highlighting local attractions, hidden gems, or events. This establishes you as a local authority and attracts tourists searching for things to do in Southern Oregon.
  • Product-centric content: Create buyer guides featuring your Southern Oregon products, educating potential customers and showcasing the unique value you offer.

Building local link authority and partnerships

Backlinks from reputable websites are like votes of confidence for search engines. An effective digital marketing strategy includes helping you build local link authority:

  • Strategic partnerships: Connect with local chambers of commerce, tourism boards, or bloggers in relevant niches. These partnerships can lead to backlinks on their websites, boosting your local SEO.
  • Community outreach: Identify online communities relevant to your target audience. Engaging in these communities and providing valuable insights can earn you natural backlinks.

Technical SEO Optimization

A technically sound website is crucial for user experience and search engine ranking. Part of a successful SEO plan includes ensuring your online store:

  • Loads quickly: Fast page loading speeds are essential for a positive user experience, especially for tourists browsing on mobile devices.
  • Has a mobile-friendly design: BigCommerce is known for its mobile-friendly templates, but strategic SEO can further optimize your store for seamless display on any device.

Get Found and Raise Your Profits with BigCommerce SEO

So, you’ve got a treasure trove of products and services waiting to be discovered, but how do you ensure potential customers searching online find your unique Southern Oregon business? Look no further than Epic.

Epic isn’t your average SEO company. We’re a passionate team dedicated to helping Southern Oregon businesses like yours thrive online. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities this region faces. We don’t just talk the talk — we walk the walk with proven strategies to get your BigCommerce store ranking higher in local searches.

And let’s be honest: SEO can be complex and time-consuming. Wouldn’t you rather focus on what you do best – creating and selling those amazing Southern Oregon products? With Epic’s BigCommerce SEO services, you can:

  • Have SEO expertise at your fingertips: Our team stays up-to-date on the latest SEO trends and algorithms, ensuring your online store is optimized for maximum visibility.
  • Measurable results: We track your progress and provide transparent reporting so you can see the impact of SEO on your bottom line.
  • Free up your time: Focus on your business while Epic takes care of your online presence.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation. Let’s discuss your unique goals and develop a customized strategy to attract more customers and boost your online sales. Don’t let your hidden gems stay hidden any longer—showcase your business to the locals with SEO!

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