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BigCommerce Buy Online Pick Up and Store: The New Normal in Retail

pay online and collect in store depiction using wooden blocks

Written by Noreen

May 21, 2023

In the current e-commerce landscape, “BigCommerce Buy Online Pick Up and Store” (BOPIS) has rapidly emerged as the new normal in retail. As we strive to adapt to the modern demands of consumers, this integrated shopping approach has been instrumental in redefining the retail experience.

The Shift to BigCommerce Buy Online Pick Up and Store

The accelerated shift towards digitalization has influenced businesses to rethink their strategies. With BOPIS, customers can effortlessly browse and purchase products online and then pick them up at their convenience from a physical store. This model blends the best of online shopping—the convenience and the product range—with the immediacy and tangibility of traditional brick-and-mortar shopping.

Retailers leveraging BigCommerce’s robust e-commerce platform have an added advantage in implementing the Buy Online Pick Up and Store method. The platform seamlessly integrates this process, thereby ensuring a smooth customer journey, from browsing products online to collecting them in-store.

BOPIS: A Winning Strategy for Businesses

Integrating BigCommerce Buy Online Pick Up and Store is more than a consumer-centric service; it’s a strategy that presents a multitude of benefits for businesses as well. Offering BOPIS services tends to result in increased sales, as customers, while picking up their orders, often make additional spontaneous purchases.

Moreover, it helps businesses to leverage their existing physical locations as local fulfillment centers, thus saving on shipping costs. It also reduces the potential for lost or delayed deliveries, enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering brand loyalty. Not to mention, it is an excellent strategy for retailers to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded online marketplace.

Powering BigCommerce BOPIS with Epic’s epicApps

As businesses navigate this shift, having the right tools at their disposal is crucial. This is where Epic comes in, providing retailers with powerful solutions, such as our epicApps. The suite includes eLocal, a dynamic tool specifically crafted to facilitate efficient delivery and pickup operations for BigCommerce retailers.

Whether you need to manage local delivery zones, set up custom checkout options, or control your inventory, eLocal from epicApps offers a comprehensive solution. It’s an integral part of maintaining a smooth and effective BOPIS strategy, ensuring that your customers receive their orders exactly when and where they want them.

BigCommerce Buy Online Pick Up and Store: The Retail Future

There’s no denying that the BigCommerce Buy Online Pick Up and Store approach is shaping the future of retail. As consumers continue to demand convenience, speed, and flexibility, businesses must adapt to stay relevant and competitive.

Harness the Power of BOPIS with epicApps

Ready to elevate your e-commerce business and meet the new normal of retail head-on? Epic is here to support your journey. With epicApps, a suite of BigCommerce apps that give you total control over your website, you can seamlessly integrate BOPIS into your BigCommerce store, optimizing the shopping experience for your customers. 

Contact us at Epic today and transform your business for the future of retail!

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