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5 Benefits of BigCommerce BOPIS for Your E-commerce Business

bigcommerce bopis depicted by 3d rendering of online shopping using smartphone

Written by Noreen

May 21, 2023

As the retail landscape evolves, businesses need to keep pace with the expectations of their customers. The integration of online and in-store shopping has resulted in a seamless, efficient shopping method, known as BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up in Store). Specifically, BigCommerce BOPIS since we’re focusing on this sales platform.

For online merchants, leveraging this innovative strategy is a promising way to enhance customer experience. And for this same exact reason, Epic designed its powerful pick-up and delivery app, eLocal, to help e-commerce business owners like you.

In this article, we’ll dive into the 5 benefits of BigCommerce BOPIS for your e-commerce business.

Streamlined Omnichannel Experience with BigCommerce BOPIS

BigCommerce BOPIS serves as the cornerstone of your omnichannel retail strategy, connecting your online and offline operations smoothly. By synchronizing your inventory across multiple platforms, BigCommerce helps ensure a consistent shopping experience, whether your customer is browsing your site from their couch or picking up their order at your store.

Increased sales and reduced cart abandonment

One of the greatest advantages of BigCommerce BOPIS is its impact on your sales figures. The blend of online browsing and in-store pickup caters to a growing segment of shoppers who appreciate the immediacy of physical shopping, minus the delivery wait times. And this convenience can help decrease cart abandonment rates, a common challenge for online retailers.

Optimized inventory management

Through its real-time inventory visibility, BigCommerce BOPIS lets customers choose exactly when and where they want to pick up their products. This not only reduces errors and confusion but also enhances your operational efficiency. 

When customers are confident that their chosen item is available at their preferred location, satisfaction soars.

Enhanced customer experience

BigCommerce is dedicated to providing your customers with an enjoyable shopping journey. From selecting products online to choosing a convenient in-store or curbside pickup, the platform guides your customers every step of the way. 

The ability to customize the pickup experience aligns with your brand and meets your customers’ unique needs.

Cost efficiency

For businesses, the cost-effectiveness of BigCommerce BOPIS is substantial. By allowing customers to pick up their orders at the store, you can drastically reduce the expensive last-mile shipping costs. As a result, you can still offer a quick, free shipping option without it taking a toll on your finances.

Increased foot traffic

The adoption of BigCommerce Buy Online, Pick Up in Store can help you stimulate store traffic. Many shoppers, once inside your brick-and-mortar location, often make additional unplanned purchases. This increase in foot traffic opens up opportunities to showcase store-based best sellers and new arrivals, thus further boosting your sales.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the advantages of implementing BigCommerce BOPIS in your e-commerce operations are substantial. This strategy not only promotes efficiency and customer satisfaction but can also give a considerable boost to your bottom line.

In an ever-evolving retail landscape, integrating online and in-store shopping is no longer an optional luxury, but a necessary step towards sustainable success.

Unlock the Power of BigCommerce BOPIS: Get Started with EpicShops’ eLocal App Today!

Ready to revolutionize your e-commerce business with BigCommerce BOPIS? Make the shift effortlessly with EpicShops’ eLocal App. From customizing delivery and pickup options to inventory management control, our app is designed to supercharge your BOPIS strategy. 

Don’t wait—leverage the power of BigCommerce BOPIS with eLocal App today! Experience the EpicShops difference and elevate your e-commerce game. Click here to get started!

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