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Driving Sales with BigCommerce BOPIS: Strategies Every Online Retailer Should Know | Ashland, Oregon

Woman picking up her purchase after using the BigCommerce BOPIS option

Written by Noreen

May 23, 2024

Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) has become an essential feature for modern retailers. More and more customers are now prefering to save on shipping costs by picking up their product in-store at their most convenient time. Implementing BigCommerce BOPIS effectively can help you capture this market and raise your profit margin. 

Let’s have an in-depth look at this powerful feature on the BigCommerce platform. 

How Can BigCommerce BOPIS Benefit You?

BigCommerce BOPIS is a strategic advantage for retailers by offering several advantages:

  • Customer convenience: Shoppers can purchase online and pick up in-store at their convenience. They don’t need someone to receive the package for them or have it left at their doorstep if they’re not available on the day of delivery. They can simply collect it themselves from the store during store hours and at their earliest convenience.
  • Increased foot traffic: Have you noticed that just a single shopper inside your physical store can attract more shoppers to come inside? People are inherently curious, and if they see people browsing inside, they’d want to browse too. An empty store is giving off a signal that there’s nothing interesting to be found inside.
  • Boosted sales: Foot traffic inside your store means an additional opportunity for in-store purchases. Unless they’re truly in a hurry, customers who pick up purchases in-store tend to look around and browse. 

Setting Up BigCommerce BOPIS

Implementing BigCommerce BOPIS is straightforward but requires careful planning. Follow these easy steps to get started:

Integrate your inventory system

An accurate inventory system is the backbone of a successful BOPIS strategy. Ensure your online and offline inventories are synced to prevent discrepancies.

  • Real-time updates: Use tools that provide real-time inventory updates. BigCommerce has apps designed for inventory management that you can add to your eCommerce store.
  • Centralized management: Manage inventory from a single platform to streamline operations.

Optimize your online store

Your BigCommerce store should make it easy for customers to choose BOPIS at checkout. Here are some tips:

  • Clear BOPIS option: Highlight the BOPIS option prominently during the checkout process so that customers know that they have that option.
  • Detailed instructions: Provide clear instructions on how and when customers can pick up their orders. If you only allow pick-ups during certain store hours, highlight that to avoid confusion and a bad customer experience.
  • Flexible pick-up times: Offer various pick-up times to accommodate different schedules. Some customers may only be able to pick up during lunch hours or after work. Consider the schedule of your target market. 

Marketing Your BigCommerce BOPIS Service

Once your BigCommerce BOPIS is set up, it’s time to let your customers know. Effective marketing strategies can drive awareness and usage of your BOPIS option.

Use email campaigns

Email marketing is a powerful way to inform your customers about the new BOPIS option. How powerful? The average return on every dollar spent is $38.

  • Targeted campaigns: Send emails to local customers highlighting the convenience of BOPIS and that it is now available as an option in your online store.
  • Special promotions: Offer exclusive in-store discounts for BOPIS customers.

Promote on social media

Social media platforms are excellent for spreading the word about your BOPIS service.

  • Engaging posts: Share engaging posts explaining how BOPIS works.
  • Customer testimonials: Highlight positive customer experiences with BOPIS.

Enhancing the BOPIS Experience

Providing an exceptional BOPIS experience can turn first-time users into repeat customers. Focus on these aspects to ensure a smooth process:

Streamline in-store pick-up

Make the in-store pick-up process as seamless as possible.

  • Dedicated pick-up area: Set up a dedicated area in your store for BOPIS orders.
  • Quick service: Train staff to handle BOPIS orders efficiently. 

Communicate clearly

Clear communication with customers is essential to a successful BOPIS experience.

  • Order notifications: Send timely notifications about order status and pick-up readiness. Make sure to include all pertinent details like pick up location, time, and other requirements.
  • Customer support: Provide easy access to customer support for any issues or questions.


BigCommerce BOPIS can be a game-changer for online retailers. Integrating your inventory, optimizing your online store, effectively marketing the service, and enhancing the pick-up experience can drive sales and improve your overall customer satisfaction. Implement these strategies to make the most of BigCommerce BOPIS and watch your sales soar.

Maximize Your Sales with Epic’s BigCommerce BOPIS Solution

Take your BigCommerce BOPIS strategy to the next level! Epic offers cutting-edge solutions to help you manage inventory seamlessly and provide efficient pick-up and delivery options. Our powerful app, eLocal, is designed to integrate flawlessly with your BigCommerce store, ensuring real-time inventory updates and a smooth BOPIS experience for your customers.

  • Effortless inventory management: Keep your online and in-store inventories synced and up-to-date.
  • Flexible pick-up and delivery: Offer your customers a range of convenient pick-up and delivery options, like rush delivery.
  • Boost sales and customer satisfaction: Enhance the shopping experience and drive more sales with our easy-to-understand apps and tools.

Don’t let inventory challenges hold you back. Partner with Epic and transform your BigCommerce BOPIS process today.

Explore Epic’s BOPIS Solutions now! Contact us today.

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