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How To Advertise On Facebook For Free In 2019: Our Top Tips


Written by epicshops

September 30, 2019

How To Advertise On Facebook For Free In 2019: Our Top Tips

Want To Know How To Advertise On Facebook For Free!?

Advertising is an integral part of running a successful online business, but sometimes it can get expensive. With pay-per-click advertising platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, paid influencer marketing, and all the other forms of display advertising, your ad budget can run out in a hurry. 

Not only can advertising be expensive, it can also be a big challenge to make sure your messages are making it to the right people: your ideal audience. 

If you’ve been searching for new, valuable ways to reach your buyers, you’re not alone.

How excited would you be if we were to tell you how to advertise on Facebook for free!? Thanks to a little change in Facebook’s algorithm this year, we are finding new and exciting ways that we can teach you how to advertise on Facebook for free in 2019. That means an open platform of eager consumers just waiting to buy your product… at absolutely no cost to you! 

Why Social Media Marketing?

In the last five years, social media has seen an astronomical increase of businesses marketing their products and services.

The benefits of using social media in your marketing strategy are huge.

Through social media, you can dramatically increase your reach, and the audience you are reaching is more engaged with interactive social media marketing than they are with traditional advertising, such as banner ads. 

Why Facebook?

Many businesses are finding great success in marketing through lots of different social networking platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, but Facebook continues to be the number one platform for social networking. the platform has 2.2 billion monthly active users.  

By using Facebook you are also less limited in your ability to distribute information. With other platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest, you are only allowed to add one link to your bio. Users cannot share links to their blogs through photo captions.

There are a lot of advertising options through Facebook, including sponsored posts and Facebook Ads. But both of these options can end up costing a pretty penny. 

So what’s the secret for how to advertise on Facebook for free?

How To Advertise On Facebook For Free With Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Business Pages have seen somewhat of a decline in success in the last year, unless you’re willing to pay for advertising.

After all, Facebook doesn’t run for free and they make 89% of their revenue off of pay-per-click Facebook ads.

But there are still a few ways you can promote your Facebook Business Page for free, and see some great results.  

Complete Your “About” Section

The first few steps of creating and promoting a business page are pretty self explanatory: create your business page, make sure you’re choosing a category that best represents your business, and enter all your basic info into your profile. 


But don’t skimp out on your “About” section. Just because it’s not the first thing you’re required to fill out doesn’t mean it’s not important to the success of your business profile. 

This section of your Facebook Business Page profile is where potential customers will learn about you and your business. It’s your chance to provide helpful information about your vision, mission statement, integrity, and the value of your business.

It’s also a great place to saturate with keywords that are relevant to your business! For instance, if you’re a florist in New York starting your own business page, in your “About” section it is key that use heavily searched keywords, like “New York Florist” and “New York wedding flowers” depending on your location and areas of expertise. 

Find out what people in your area are looking for, and make sure you respond to those questions to the best of your ability in your “About” section.

Use Quality Images

Your cover photo and your profile picture are the first thing your potential customers are going to see when they visit your Facebook Business page. Make sure your images are high quality, attractive, and relevant to your business. 

A great way to market your Facebook Business page frequently is to design seasonal banners for your pages. Use your images to talk about your products, services, promotions, sales and updates.

If Facebook sees you interacting with your page visitors and updating your information, they will be more likely to promote your page to other potential visitors. 


Build A Base Audience

Facebook prioritizes groups based on their “digital footprint” or the impact they have made on a community of people.

The more people who interact with your business page, the bigger your digital footprint, and the more Facebook will highlight your business page for other people to find.

A great way to generate a quick digital footprint is to invite all your friends and family. 

Eventually, you want to be attracting organic traffic to your site, but it’s good to get your foot in the door by asking your friends and family to support your new venture. 

Make sure you also include easy access to contact information in this section. If it’s even the slightest bit challenging for a client to communicate with you or find your website through your Facebook Business Page bio, chances are they will go elsewhere.

Produce Relevant & Timely Content

If you’ve been a part of the social media marketing scene for awhile, maybe you’ve tried experimenting with free Facebook advertising methods by starting a business profile, and “spamming” your followers with an overload of content about your product or service.

But more and more users are finding this sort of content irritating, and Facebook has started cracking down on this spam-ish content. 

As you develop your Facebook Business Page and grow your followers, it’s helpful to update your information and provide quality content that is relevant and valuable to your audience. But spamming your potential customers with an overload of information, and constantly pestering them to buy a product or take advantage of a sale is a bad idea. 

Try writing status updates and share news from your industry. Post frequent “tips and tricks” that will be valuable to your audience. And link to useful articles and blogs that coincide with your niche market.

By providing useful information, you will not only expand your reach through shares and comments, but you will also become a more valuable resource to your ideal audience. 

Once you’ve established that you have valuable information for your audience, and you’re a trustworthy resource for them, then you can start sprinkling in promotions for the products and services you have to offer.

But don’t go overboard.  A well-placed advertisement sandwiched in between lots of useful tips, quotes, and articles can make all the difference between looking like a qualified resource and an over-eager salesman. 

How To Advertise On Facebook For Free With Facebook Groups

Now hold on tight, because we’re getting to the part we are really excited about!

Thanks to a recent change in Facebook’s algorithm, there has been a huge increase of emphasis on Facebook groups. Maybe you’ve even noticed their new advertising campaigns like this one, featuring the importance of “finding more that brings us together.” 

Since Facebook is putting such an emphasis on them right now, about 60-70% of the posts you see are posts promoting different Facebook groups. Facebook is really getting behind the idea of community, which has opened the door for an incredible opportunity for some free Facebook advertising. 

Liam James Kay from Affiliate Marketing Bosses wanted to put this new marketing opportunity to the test. He began a Facebook group on 19 of May, 2018. He chose a specific niche that complimented the products and services he had to offer. He took a little bit of time to start sharing quality content that was valuable to his audience. He interacted often with his followers through comment posts and photos. And he gained over 2,000 followers within the first month.
The root of how to advertise on Facebook for free is to build a community around an area of expertise. In Liam James Kay’s case, affiliate marketing. By creating this community that was interested in his field, Liam successfully developed a wide audience that was already primed to purchase within his market.         
Check out Liam’s video to see how his experiment turned out.

The step-by-step process for starting and promoting your new Facebook group is essentially identical to the steps we listed for Facebook Business pages. 

1. Enter your info and complete your “About” section — making sure to use keyword rich content!

2. Use quality images and branding materials

3. Build a base audience of friends and family to get the ball rolling

4. Provide relevant, timely content to your audience

The basic principles of how to advertise on Facebook for free using a Facebook Business Page or a Facebook Group remain the same, it’s all about taking advantage of the algorithm.


If you’re able to start and nurture a Facebook group that is clearly providing value to a significant group of people, thanks to the new algorithm, Facebook will basically advertise it for you absolutely free! 

Wrapping Up

We hope you’re excited as we are about this opportunity to actually use the new Facebook algorithm to our advantage. We hope you’ve gathered all the tools you need and learned how to advertise on Facebook for free.

But if you’re ever in need of some expert advice on getting your social media marketing plan off the ground, don’t hesitate to reach out!

At Epic, our goal is to see your business thrive and succeed, and we are happy to be a part of any step that gets you there.

Let us know how we can help make you and your business more successful today!

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