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How to Optimize Your BigCommerce Store for In-Store Pickup (BOPIS)

woman ordering from a Bigcommerce store for in-store pickup from her smartphone.

Written by Noreen

February 22, 2024

Customers today are looking for more convenient shopping options that save time while still providing the satisfaction of immediate product acquisition. This is why BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store) has become a popular cart option because it offers a perfect solution for shoppers who want the best of both worlds.

If you’re running an e-commerce shop on the BigCommerce platform, optimizing your BigCommerce store for in-store pickup can not only meet customer demands but also drive more traffic to your physical locations. 

Let’s talk about BOPIS and how to optimize your store for it.

Why Opt for BOPIS?

Incorporating a BOPIS system into your BigCommerce store caters to the shopper who prefers online browsing but enjoys the immediacy of picking up their purchases in person. This method can lead to increased sales, reduced shipping costs, and more opportunities for in-store purchases. 

To get started, you need to optimize your e-commerce store first.

Steps in Optimizing Your BigCommerce Store for In-Store Pickup

Choose the right theme and app – Your BigCommerce theme is your storefront’s foundation, so it’s crucial to select one that supports in-store pickup functionality or can be customized to do so. While the BC marketplace is teeming with themes, not all of them can support BOPIS.

Look for themes that allow you to display store pickup options clearly on product pages and during the checkout process.

You can also choose to install BigCommerce apps that provide you with maximum control over your delivery and pick-up options, including managing time zones and inventory.

Streamline the checkout process – Making the checkout experience as smooth as possible is vital. Ensure that your BigCommerce store for in-store pickup offers customers the option to choose their pickup location with ease. 

This might involve integrating a store locator or allowing customers to select from a dropdown of available stores.

Inventory management – Accurate inventory management is the backbone of a successful BOPIS strategy. Your online store needs to reflect real-time inventory levels in each of your physical stores. 

BigCommerce offers various apps and integrations that can help synchronize your online and offline inventory, ensuring that customers can only order items available for pickup.

Communicate with customers clearly – After a customer places a BOPIS order, clear communication is key. 

Automated emails or text messages should provide pickup instructions, including store hours, location, and any required identification. This ensures a hassle-free pickup experience for your customers.

Train your staff – Your staff needs to be prepared for an increase in BOPIS orders. Train them on the process from receiving an online order to preparing it for pickup. 

Efficient handling of these orders will keep your operations smooth and your customers happy.

Leverage marketing for your BOPIS service – Once you’ve optimized your store and trained your staff, don’t forget to market your new BOPIS option. 

Highlight the convenience and speed of in-store pickup on your website, through email campaigns, and on social media. You might even consider special promotions or discounts for customers who choose BOPIS.

BigCommerce Store for In-Store Pickup: Best Practices

To make the most of your BOPIS service, here are a few additional tips:

  • Use signage in-store to direct BOPIS customers to the pickup area.
  • Offer dedicated parking spots for BOPIS customers if possible, making the pickup process even faster.
  • Collect feedback from BOPIS customers to continually improve the service.

Ready to Bridge the Gap Between Online Shopping and In-Store Pickup?

Epic is here to transform your BigCommerce store into a BOPIS powerhouse. Our expertise in crafting seamless online-to-offline shopping experiences ensures that your customers enjoy the convenience they crave without any hassle. 

Why partner with Epic for your BOPIS strategy?

  • Tailored BigCommerce themes: We’ll help you choose or customize a theme that highlights in-store pickup options, making it easy for your customers to shop.
  • Smooth checkout process: With our guidance, your customers will effortlessly select their pickup locations, enhancing their shopping experience.
  • Accurate inventory management: Leverage our expertise to sync your online and physical store inventories so that customers only see what’s available for pickup.
  • Clear customer communication: We’ll set up systems to keep your customers informed from the moment they place their order to when they pick it up.
  • Staff training: Our team will provide the know-how your staff needs to manage BOPIS orders efficiently, ensuring a smooth operation.

Don’t let the opportunity to offer a more convenient shopping option pass your store by. With BOPIS, you can increase sales, reduce shipping costs, and create more in-store purchase opportunities. Let Epic be your guide in optimizing your BigCommerce store for in-store pickup.

Reach out to us, and let’s make your e-commerce store a model for the future of retail!

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