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The Impact of BigCommerce Themes on E-commerce Success

BigCommerce themes should be optimized for all devices as shown in the image of a laptop, PC, phone, and tablet all showing the same site

Written by Noreen

February 20, 2024

Have you ever wondered why some online shops seem to attract so many visitors while others just kind of fade into the digital background? Of course, a lot is going on behind the scenes, but one thing successful stores have in common is an attractive layout and design. 

Fortunately, the BigCommerce platform is not lacking for stunning website designs. Go to the marketplace and you’ll find several BigCommerce themes that are not only beautiful but customizable to fit your brand. 

But beyond the sleek design, what makes these so much better for e-commerce is how the BigCommerce platform makes it easy for these themes to come with built-in features that allow your site to stand out, be easily found, and provide seamless navigation for your shoppers.  

Let’s take a deeper look into how BigCommerce themes can shape your online shop’s success, influencing everything from user experience to conversion rates.

Why Choose BigCommerce Themes?

First things first, BigCommerce themes do a lot more than just make your store look good. They’re somewhat like the digital equivalent of a Swiss Army knife for your online shop. 

A well-chosen theme can help your store function smoothly, turn browsing shoppers into buying customers, and ensure your products shine. 

Here’s how:

They’re built with user-friendly interfaces

Imagine walking into a store where everything’s a mess. You’d probably walk right out. The same goes for online stores. 

BigCommerce themes are crucial in creating a seamless, enjoyable shopping experience. They organize your products in an appealing way, make navigation a breeze, and ensure that checking out doesn’t feel too complicated. 

In simpler terms, the themes make sure your customers find what they’re looking for. Easily.

They’re optimized for speed and user experience

In a world where patience is as thin as a credit card, your online store needs to load faster than it takes for a shopper to second-guess their purchase. 

BigCommerce themes are designed to be lean and mean so your store loads quickly, even on mobile devices. Speaking of mobile, with more people shopping on their phones, a theme that’s mobile-friendly is non-negotiable. 

The goal here is to give your customers a smooth experience, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

They’re customizable to your brand

Your brand is like your store’s signature; it’s what sets you apart. A good BigCommerce theme lets you customize your store to reflect your brand’s personality. You can change the banners easily, the colors, the font, and the way your products are shown. 

Once you find the right theme for you, it should be easy enough to match it to your brand and your services/products.

Making the Right Choice

Now, while there are plenty of striking BigCommerce themes in the BC Marketplace, not all are built the same. 

We at Epic specialize in crafting BigCommerce themes and apps that are designed to help you sell. These tools are not just easy on the eyes—they’re designed to get your customer from browsing to purchasing. 

Captivate your audience with stunning visuals,  optimize your visibility with search engines, streamline your operations with innovative apps, and make the purchasing journey seamless. 

Don’t let your store blend into the background. Join the ranks of our successful BigCommerce merchants (we’re currently providing services to 70+! clients) who’ve taken their online presence from ordinary to extraordinary.

Reach out to us today!

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