Launch | Talk: 

e-Commerce 101

On April 10th, our CEO and founder, Brandon Kirkland, had the honor of participating in a local discussion forum titled “Launch | Talk: Successful e-Commerce 101”.

This discussion panel was hosted by SOREDI, or Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development, Inc. SOREDI is an non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the long-term prosperity of Jackson and Josephine counties. They have declared their mission to be “advancing business in Southern Oregon in order to foster economic vitality by helping companies and entrepreneurs launch, relocate, and prosper.” In light of that vision, the eCommerce Launch Talk was dedicated to sharing useful knowledge to help entrepreneurs and business owners in the Rogue Valley be successful on their business journeys. The discussion was facilitated by Alex Palmer, Venture Catalyst of SOREDI.

Brandon was joined by several other local entrepreneurs and eCommerce professionals. Oscar Castro, Vice President of eCommerce and Marketing at Harry & David (owned by 1-800-flowers), Sabina King, co-founder of several successful eCommerce businesses, including TaZa Design and Hempure, and Jim Teece, a local entrepreneur who runs many flourishing businesses in Southern Oregon including Project A, Ashland Home Net, Rogue Broadband, and Umpqua Broadband.

The panel was held at Urban Cork, a local winery where you can sample some of the most interesting and delicious wines in Southern Oregon. They created an incredible atmosphere for local business owners and community members to network and interact.



Discussion began with general questions on eCommerce, the new “Promised Land” of entrepreneurship, and quickly dived into the nitty gritty of eCommerce business. The seasoned and successful business men and women on the panel were able to provide incredible feedback and resources to the community members and business owners present, and there was time for some of the attendees to pose questions for the panel about their own businesses. There was so much to learn and hear, it felt like the evening ended far too quickly.



 At Epic, we are dedicated to the same vision and goal of SOREDI: we love to see small businesses thrive and flourish, especially locally. But we also know it can be overwhelming to take those first steps. There are so many ins and outs of navigating this whole new world of business online. But we’re here to help! If you are wanting to leap into the world of eCommerce, contact us today about beginning your journey into the “Promised Land” of business.

Stay tuned for more fun events happening in the Rogue Valley! 

If you’re interested in reading some of the questions and answers from the forum, check out our Q&A post HERE.