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Ready to be on the front line of eCommerce technology? Introducing our epicApps, a suite of web apps we’ve built on and made even better to make managing your business easier.

One of the many things we’ve looked forward to this year is the all-new set of web apps we’ve designed to make your website work more seamlessly and efficiently. epicApps is actually the third and newest iteration of our web apps suite, and it comes from years of observing and studying what makes successful eCommerce websites sell more.

Our new upgrade is a win-win situation for both your business and your customer — things get done quicker and simpler. 

What’s New

Remember our very first Toolbox? It contained only a Calendar tab, which we used to set cut off times and block dates; an Active Bar option for announcements; an Urgency Bar to let your customers know that if they order within a set time limit, they can receive their orders within the day; and a Coupon pop-up for any discounts you want to offer.

Our newest Toolbox from epicApps will make your website far more intuitive and easy to use. It features multiple apps, and some of those contain multiple widgets within. Now we have eLocal, goLoyalty, popCards, ProductAce, and more. 


We’ve added so many more features to this app to take your website to a whole new level of customization. With eLocal, you can create custom delivery, shipping, and pick-up options for your products. You can also designate a cut-off time for pickup and delivery.

Here are the widgets you can use:

  • Automatic Add-ons – Allow other products to be automatically added to your customers’ carts
  • Preparation Time – an option that allows you enough time to complete work on a product before it’s shipped out
  • No Delivery Zone – assign specific postal codes as areas where you don’t deliver
  • Rush Delivery – assign zones where you provide rush delivery services
  • Inventory Control – choose which items go for delivery and which do not

Hide delivery zones, enable them once again, place a minimum amount for checkouts, and more. eLocal was made to allow business owners like you complete control over your website. 


While eLocal is a powerful pickup and delivery app, productAce gives you more control over your products. This app allows you to merchandise your products within a category, and put your best sellers front and center.

We’ve redone quite a few things so this app feels more complete. What you can do with productAce:

  • Arrange items on your website according to which you want customers to see first
  • Allow your customers to mix and match certain items to create a ciustomized bundle (Super Kits)
  • Feature items that go well with items your customers have in their carts (Frequently Bought Together)
  • Allow extra items to be added to your customers’ carts
  • Allow similar products but in differing prices and quality to be shown when a customer adds an item to their cart (Magic Upsell)
  • Set a minimum checkout amount

There is no limit in the number of Super Kits, Frequently Bought Together, and Magic Upsells you can create. You can also allow additional users on your account to create these for you.


The popCards app is a big leap from our old Coupon and Active Bar option or even our popCards v1. This new version not only allows you to display special promotions and announcements anywhere on your website and at any time you choose, it can now be used to gather email addresses and generate coupons. 

Your pop ups are extremely customizable. You can filter certain messages for specific groups of people. For example, you can create different messages for each of these: new visitors, returning ones, all visitors, and logged-in customers. And best of all, we’ve got plenty of design layouts to choose from!


Rewarding your customers will keep them loyal for life. A step-up from the former Loyalty+, goLoyalty is the rewards program app we created to keep your buyers coming back for more. 

epicApps goLoyalty lets you reward your faithful customers with money back, points, and other perks. It lets you set whatever store credit you’d like to offer. And you don’t have to keep track of your loyal customers, because the app automatically does that for you. 

Your customers only need to register, and goLoyalty will add the credits to their accounts. Plus, the app will send automated monthly reminders with accompanying store balance to your clients. 

epicApps: The Admin Side of Things

We also have a new area for the admin side of things where you’re able to add additional users for your epicApps account and assign roles for each. And it’s easy to track changes because we’ve included a built-in store log where you can see which user did what change on any and all epicApps you’re using.

Since your epicApps is synced with your BigCommerce account, you now also have the ability to analyze your business trends. 

Sell More With epicApps

You don’t need to update your website, but you should. epicApps take off all the work from your hands by automating all the laborious tasks, making your website more responsive to your and your customers’ needs. 

Sell more online. Sell with epicApps. Sign up today.