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What epicFlorists Have Been Saying….

Written by epicshops

March 2, 2017

Our Epic clients are rad (that’s right, we just said rad). And they’re more than just clients – they’re our partners in success, because their eCommerce well-being is ours, too. That’s why we’re trusted partners for 100+ happy retailers. eCommerce is our life, and creating sites that make their owners more money is what gets us excited about our jobs every day. 

We’re thrilled to work with so many amazing businesses at Epic, and several have sent us some really wonderful feedback about the performance of their sites. Success stories are what we live for over here! We want to share a bit of what people are saying about Epic, and how their websites have evolved into beautiful, effective money-making machines.

What a difference a year makes.  Finally, a website that works like it should when I need it the most. Congrats to you and your team, I appreciate your commitment to helping me be successful. 

 Web sales up for the month of February based on the delivery date compared to 2016 — UP 48.9% !

Love and hugs from Atlanta! 


Owner, Hall's Flower Shop

We had a great Valentine’s Day with our new website.  Orders were coming in fast and furious and we had to cut off earlier than ever.  WE stopped our site from taking orders for delivery on the night of the 13th at about 10:30pm.   This sets a new standard for the volume of orders, and I expect that next year we will beef up our delivery staff even more to handle the increase.   Our total revenue from our new website as of February 15th has exceeded the total for the entire month of February last year.  We have only had our new site for 6 weeks.  User changes and adjustments are easy and intuitive. 
Thanks to everyone at EPIC

Owner, Vogue Flower Market

My website is awesome.  It has continued to increase traffic and conversions month after month.  This year for the Valentine’s Day holiday, we had more orders from my website than my previous website provided all year (including V-Day!).  I had to stop accepting web orders at 11am on the 14th, but I can only imagine that I would have had twice as many orders IF I was prepared for the volume of last-minute customers.  It is amazing.  


Owner, Chattanooga Flower Market

We kicked butt this year. My website continues to out-perform itself month after month. The best part was I was able to raise my average order size by $12 over last year’s web sales. 
My favorite part as the person in charge of the website was that when I was ready to stop taking deliveries, it was easy as flipping a switch vs. last year before Epic redid my site. 

Owner, Enchanted Florist Pasadena

After starting with Epic seven years ago at $0, we just hit $1 million in yearly sales!


Owner, Dragonfly Flowers

Valentine’s 2017 was our biggest web day ever!


Owner, Second Street Seasonals

Thought you might be interested in some numbers
Old website – November 2015  84 orders for approx. $6,500
Epic website – November 2016  184 orders for approx. $13,000

Owner, Saville's Country Florist

My boss is very very happy with Epic! This last holiday season we were up 204% more visits and our overall conversion over four days was 12.34%. 

Thanks for making it so easy for us to personalize our website and the epicToolbox was a big help. 


Marketing Manager, York Flowers

[In reference to the 2017 Valentine’s holiday] I’m happy I had a 20% conversion during this Monday and Tuesday alone!


Owner, In Bloom

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