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Gaining Online Recognition: Anderson Pallet & Crate Case Study

Written by epicshops

January 7, 2020

Pallet & Crate Manufacturer Sees Recognition Due To Total Online Refresh

In the summer of 2018, Anderson Pallet & Crate were looking for a refresh. As a 30-year-old business they had a local client base, but their online presence was in serious need of an upgrade.

Jason and Carolyn Anderson, the brand-new owners of Anderson Pallet, knew that they were up against companies like Lowe’s and Home Depot, and if they were going to make an impact in the online marketplace they were going to have to rethink their digital marketing strategy.

Anderson Pallet & Crate contacted epicShops, asking them to not only build a website that reflected their new ownership and operating team, but also to implement SEO practices to get them found on the web. Jason and Carolyn wanted to make sure their investment into their online presence would get them a website that would attract visitors and convert them into customers.

Just yesterday, we added two new customers who came through our website! This week we had 6 calls from prospective customers that found us via Google, and currently in discussions with the other 4 companies to quote their business!

Last week we gained another large account so everything is working!

We are so happy we chose you guys as a partner and excited to see where the future takes us!

Carolyn Anderson

Co-Owner, Anderson Pallet & Crate, Sedalia, CO

Epic started by giving the current website a facelift with a modern theme, a new logo, and high-quality images. Then the Epic team implemented conversion rate optimization practices to make the site conversion-ready. By highlighting value propositions, motivating action-taking, and making Anderson’s conversions easy to complete, Anderson Pallet & Crate were set to start moving up through SEO rankings.

In just six months, Anderson moved from an average ranking of 71.38 for target keywords to 25.70, nearly a 50-point ranking increase! Since then, Anderson has continued to rise in ranking and increase their traffic.


Anderson Pallet & Crate Gaining Local Recognition

Anderson Pallet & Crate has local competition with other manufacturers within city limits, some who have had the same name and URL for over ten years. In order to make sure Anderson was ranked with local competition, the Epic team performed in-depth keyword research to find out what local people were searching in Google.

We also searched for holes where other manufacturers were failing to answer the questions that their ideal customers were asking. By using keyword rich content and answering popular questions for the industry, Epic developed a successful SEO strategy that revolved around creating frequent, quality content that increased search rankings and overall web traffic.

With the help of our in-depth keyword research, Anderson has made 50 point jumps in local rankings for some of the top keywords, as well as many front-page rankings for some of the highest volume keywords.

Anderson Pallet & Crate Gaining Online Recognition


Anderson Pallet & Crate is getting recognized not only in answer to search queries, but also by other companies in the pallet and crate industry.

Anderson just received an Honorable Mention award in Pallet Enterprise’s article on the Top Five Pallet Company Websites for 2019. According to Pallet Enterprise, Anderson Pallet has good content on the blog, and is “among the most professional designs offered by a small to mid-sized pallet company.”

With our continued SEO strategy of producing new content, generating backlinks, and partnering with local and national directories for listings, Anderson 

Pallet Enterprise sums up our web strategy perfectly: “You don’t have to be huge to do it right.” By bringing a fresh design, some well-implemented SEO strategy, and by using our best CRO practices, we help businesses – no matter what size – thrive and grow.


Are you interested in seeing your business reach the next level? We can help! Contact us today for a FREE consultation, and we will work with you to ensure your business meets and exceeds your goals in 2020.

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