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How to Set Up BigCommerce Local Delivery for Your Online Store

delivery man in blue unloading boxes of goods from van

Written by Noreen

July 5, 2023

Every online store owner understands the importance of a seamless delivery system. Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, BigCommerce local delivery can be an excellent way to increase customer satisfaction and overall sales. But how do you set it up? What if you want more control over delivery options, or wish to add more features to enhance the customer experience?

Enter eLocal, the most robust local delivery and pickup app available on BigCommerce.

eLocal – The Ultimate Tool for BigCommerce Local Delivery

eLocal is a comprehensive app designed by us at Epic to give you complete control over local delivery, pickup, and shipping rules for your products.

The features of eLocal are numerous:

Local delivery and pick-up control 

With eLocal, you can manage local zones, set delivery dates, and control inventory for local delivery. For Pick Up At Store, you can add locations, manage checkout, and more. 

Shipping control 

 eLocal allows you to set dates for shipping, manage inventory, and add a preparation time frame, giving you the ultimate control for orders outside your local area.

Custom checkout options

Customize your checkout experience, including the option for pick up at the store, setting a default country, and controlling billing and shipping details.

Preparation time 

Add a timeframe before your products are delivered, shipped, or picked up.

Countdown timer 

A great tool to encourage purchases by creating a sense of urgency.

Minimum amount purchase

Set a minimum amount for checkout, giving you more control over your sales.

Customizable widget 

You can customize eLocal’s widget to match your brand at the product level or checkout page.

Inventory management control

Always be aware of your stock levels to manage orders effectively.

Rush delivery option

Add the ability for customers to choose a rush delivery for faster service.

Charge extra for specific days

Set extra charges for deliveries on specific days, like holidays or peak times.

Zip code delivery limits

Control your delivery dates and times based on postal codes.

Multiple locations management

Manage different pick-up locations for your store and create time slots.

Multiple deliveries and pickups

Allow multiple deliveries and pickups according to specific zones.

Seasonal windows and customizable dates

Set specific dates or holidays when you will or won’t allow delivery, pick up, or shipping.

Shared modifiers in bulk

Save time by adding the same modifiers to various products at once.

Cart emptying cookie

Set a cookie that empties the cart after a certain period, handy for managing daily cut-off times.

Automatic add-ons

Create product kits that automatically add to the shopping cart.

Simplify Your Delivery Process with BigCommerce Local Delivery

The e-commerce world is highly competitive, and customers expect nothing less than seamless shopping experiences. Delivery is a critical aspect of these experiences, and if not executed correctly, can cause customers to abandon their carts and even deter them from future purchases. 

By using BigCommerce local delivery, you can meet and exceed customer expectations, and ensure they keep coming back to your online store.

BigCommerce local delivery through eLocal gives you control and flexibility. Customizable delivery zones based on postal codes allow you to manage delivery dates and times more accurately. 

The ability to set a preparation time for products ensures that you’re always prepared for sudden orders. Inventory management control gives you real-time insights into your stock levels, so you can manage orders efficiently.

For holidays or special occasions, you can easily add an extra delivery charge to compensate for the increased demand. You can also set a minimum purchase amount to ensure profitability for each transaction. In a nutshell, BigCommerce local delivery is not just a delivery tool, but a robust feature to enhance your online store’s efficiency and profitability.

Empowering Your Business with Epic

Integrating BigCommerce local delivery and maximizing the potential of eLocal is easier than you think. Our expertise in BigCommerce and our eLocal app can help your online store reach new heights.

At Epic, we’re committed to understanding your unique business needs and creating solutions that drive success. Our experienced team can help you configure eLocal to your BigCommerce website and guide you through every step of the process.

Ready to Enhance Your Delivery Process?

Harness the power of BigCommerce local delivery for your online store and start offering a top-notch shopping experience to your customers. With the right app at your side, the process is easier and more beneficial than you might think.

Don’t wait for your competitors to get ahead. Reach out to us at (888) 498-5361 or drop us a note to discuss how we can transform your delivery process with eLocal. Your journey toward a more efficient, customer-friendly, and profitable online store starts now at Epic.

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