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The Role of Content in BigCommerce SEO Strategy

a magnifying glass on the word Content.

Written by Noreen

July 3, 2023

In e-commerce, competition is fierce. With so many online stores popping out every day, it stands to reason that success is hard-earned. To stand out, a solid BigCommerce SEO strategy is crucial. 

Search engine optimization or SEO is an umbrella term that covers various aspects, from website design and themes to technical details, but at its heart lies one crucial component—content.

Content: The Lifeblood of BigCommerce SEO

SEO is an elaborate process, a combination of different elements that work together to improve your website’s visibility on search engines. Among these elements, content plays a pivotal role. It’s the voice of your brand, the magnet that attracts visitors, the context that explains your visuals, and the information that helps customers make decisions.

Engaging product descriptions

When you sell products online, your product descriptions are the salespeople that present your products to potential customers. Informative and appealing product descriptions that use keywords strategically can attract customers and also help search engines understand and rank your product pages better.

Informed blog posts

Regularly publishing blog posts on your e-commerce site offers multiple benefits. They provide valuable information to your customers, improve your site’s SEO by creating more indexable pages, and enable the use of more keywords. They are also a great way to show your expertise in your industry, building trust with your audience.

Keyword-rich content

Identifying and using the right keywords is crucial for BigCommerce SEO. Keywords need to be included naturally in your content, from product descriptions to blog posts, to help search engines understand your content and rank your website accordingly.

Meta descriptions and title tags

Meta descriptions and title tags might seem like minor details, but they have a significant impact on SEO. These elements tell search engines what your pages are about and also influence whether users click on your website in search results. 

Effective meta descriptions and title tags should include your target keywords and accurately describe the page content.

User-generated content

User-generated content like reviews, testimonials, and social media posts can be an excellent addition to your BigCommerce SEO strategy. This type of content boosts credibility, provides fresh content for search engines, and allows for the natural use of keywords.

Evergreen content

While staying current is important, having evergreen content on your website—content that remains relevant and valuable over time—is equally vital. This type of content can consistently attract traffic to your site, enhance your SEO, and establish your site as a reliable resource.

The Epic Solution

So the importance of content in a BigCommerce SEO strategy is clear. You might be able to do it on your own, but creating consistent, engaging, and keyword-rich content requires time, effort, and expertise.

This is where Epic comes in.

As a digital marketing agency specializing in building successful e-commerce websites, Epic not only understands the importance of content in BigCommerce SEO but excels at creating it.

Our team is skilled at crafting engaging product descriptions, creating informative blog posts, strategically using keywords, writing effective meta descriptions and title tags, leveraging user-generated content, and developing evergreen content.

But our services don’t stop at creating content. We also monitor and adjust your SEO strategy regularly, ensuring it remains effective in the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce.

Are you ready to take your online store to new heights? Contact us at (888) 498-5361 or drop us a note. Let Epic be your partner in navigating the world of BigCommerce SEO and unlocking the potential of your online store.

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