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Know More About your Customers with Built-In Florist Ecommerce Tracking and Analytics

Knowing your customer base is the focus of online marketing. By knowing your customers, you can more easily engage with them and provide the products and services they want, creating a lost-lasting and loyal relationship.

You already understand your customers pretty well, but wouldn’t it be great to know what products or arrangements customers prefer during the month of May versus June, or be able to easily track
your top 10 customers and reward them, or find out what search terms your customers are using the most on your website? With an epicFlowers website you have access to a wealth of useful information. The built-in analytics tools by BigCommerce allow you to track customer behavior and take snapshots of your floral eCommerce website’s performance. You don’t need to install software or insert tracking code or java script on your website. All you need to do is log-in to your website. The built-in analytics creates easy to read charts and graphs so you don’t have to do the dirty work or pay someone to do it for you.

Under the Analytics tab in your main menu, you will find a drop-down list of analytic goodies.

florist website analytics menu drop down

Store Overview

The store overview provides a great way to gather information on your floral eCommerce store as a whole, including floral products, customers and order information. From here, you can generate reports based on specific dates ranges and time frames. For each date range you can see your revenue, unique visitors, completed orders and conversion rate. You can also view your top 20 customers and best selling products. You can take advantage of this information by rewarding your top 20 customers with coupons and special offers to keep them coming back, creating loyal life-long fans of your flower shop. The best selling products featured will help you to market the right products at the right time. You won’t waste valuable real estate space on your website by promoting the products that don’t sell. Your store overview can help you gain meaningful insight toward your goals and measure your site’s performance over time. The store overview is easy to read and easy to use. You don’t need to buy a book to learn to understand or use it.

epicflowers florist website store overview



florist ecommerce site orders statistic by revenue

Orders Stats

The orders statistics allows you to generate order reports based on specific dates ranges. The overview provides a graph that expresses your total orders in relation to your unique visitors and conversion rate. It does all the foot work and math for you, displaying the stats in an easy-to-follow chart. From here you can delve deeper into the orders statistics by viewing orders by items sold, revenue, tax and abandoned orders. These stats will help you to determine which floral arrangements sell best and at what price. Maybe you find that floral arrangements sell best in the Summer when priced between $50-$59, whereas in the Winter they sell best at $70-$79. Knowing more about your orders can help you to plan ahead and increase revenue for your online florist website.

Abandoned Cart

This feature is a life-saver! Did you know that an average of 67% online shopping carts are abandoned? That sounds bad, but in fact, studies show that cart abandoners spend 55% more. (seewhy) That’s what makes the abandoned cart saver such a fantastic tool! Your cart abandoners are willing to spend more money than those who don’t abandon their carts, if you get them back. For those with the Abandoned Cart Saver featured enabled, you can view the total number of abandoned carts, the number of abandoned carts that have been converted and the total value of those carts that were brought back and converted. This feature converts an average of 15% of abandoned carts to sales.  To learn more about abandoned carts, read our article here.

abandoned cart saver feature

Products Stats

The products statistics allows you to narrow down your store overview to just products. You can view the total number of units sold by a specific date range, view your most popular products and even track inventory if you want. It’s so simple – not to mention a time-saver! The information is there just waiting for you to grab it and make good use of it in your online florist store! Understanding your products and your customers will be beneficial in creating marketing strategies and pricing your products in a way that will entice customers and send your revenue soaring!

Customers Stats

The customers statistics screen is a valuable marketing resource. Customers By Date provides a summary of all customers who registered within a selected date range. Maybe you ran a Facebook marketing campaign in January and see a sudden increase in customer sign-ups for that month. Now you know what strategies work and can use them for more customer acquisition campaigns. The Customers By Date screen displays their name, ID, email, signup date, number of orders and amount spent are all listed. Revenue per customer lists customers by the total amount of money they have spent in your store. This is a good place to go to know which customer to add to which email campaign, or to send specialized coupons to.

In-Store Search

ecommerce built-in search keyword analytics

Want to know what flowers and arrangements your customers are searching for? Want to know how well your floral product keywords are working? This is the place to be! The Search Overview provides a summary of all searches preformed within a selected date range. This overview gives you a general idea of what your customers are typing in to the search bar on your website – at no additional cost. This feature is built-in. You don’t have to buy a special app or set up third party software or hire a technician to help you – it’s all located in your online store dashboard. If 15% of search keywords are for the term ‘Tropical’ during the month of June, it would be a good idea to add a banner on the home page for tropical plants, or just add a few popular tropical plants on the home page in June.

Keywords With Results shows all of the searches performed within a selected date range that had one or more results. This just narrows down the overview page using an easy to read table.

Keywords without Results shows all of the searches performed within a selected date range that had no results. This can be very helpful! Maybe you have 15 customers a day seraching for ‘prom’, but this keyword displays no results in your floral eCommerce store. This could either stir you to add a few floral prom products to your site, or add more keywords to your existing prom category and products. That way, customers will find what they’re looking for. By making the experience easier for your customers they will be more likely to buy and spend more.

Best Performing Keywords shows that your visitors clicked on at least one result for the keywords listed. This list will tell you what keywords work well and what keywords are too vague. If a keyword has over a hundred results, it’s not very useful. This page can tell you what to focus on when using keywords and how to be more specific and unique. Once again, the goal is to make sure your customers can find what they are looking for, and offering them (based on information from the other analytic features) products that generate more revenue.

Worst Performing Keywords shows that your visitors did not click on any results for the keywords listed, which usually indicates they didn’t find the search results helpful. This provides clues to not only what your customers want, but helps you identify areas where you can strengthen your SEO.

Search Term Corrections shows that a user clicked either a search suggestion or related search after typing in their search term. This feature helps you recognize what customers are really looking for. This provides insight on possible re-branding or marketing tactics. These correction terms could help you to re-name a category or re-brand a line of products based on the number of customers clicking on related corrections. Who knew determining customer search behavior could be so easy!

These built-in features help you to learn more about your products and customers, make optimal changes to your store and sell more. No hassle, no cost – just easy to use software at your fingertips.  Not to mention, for the more technical users, epicFlowers florist websites have a seamless integration with Google Analytics, which provides even more in-depth analytic and tracking features for your floral eCommerce website. These tools allow you to improve your floral products, keywords, SEO, sales and revenue.

Learn more about these awesome tools by trying out our free demo or sign-up today and start marking more money!

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